Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 7 Blog Tour

Thank you for visiting Quilt Moments’  blog. I am thrilled that my block appears in the new Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7 hitting newsstands May 7th and it’s fun to be part of the blog tour.  Today I’ll share some ideas on how to use my block and give you a chance to win several goodies.   Keep reading to the end to see what you could win!


My block, Kaleidoscope Star #664, is shown on page 53 of the magazine.  I love using large print fabrics in my quilts and often put what I call “4-patch kaleidoscopes” in my block centers.

I made the block using  the Love Flows collection designed by Jan Douglas for Maywood Studio.  Here are some images of what 5 blocks set on point look like for a 40″ x 40″ tabletopper / wallhanging.

First, here’s what the quilt looks like using the same fabrics shown in the block above.

Foreman #664 LoveFlows cream for web

Next, here is the same setting using brown instead of cream for the background, and changing some of the fabric positions.

Foreman #664 LoveFlows brown web

Now let’s see the block in a different fabric collection, Garden of Enchantment by Maywood Studio.

Foreman #664 GardenOfEnchantment web

The large print shown on the border is what is used for all the 4-patch block centers.
I have many patterns and a book featuring this easy technique which you can see on my website, but
here are the construction highlights:
1) Cut or rip a piece of large print fabric containing at least 4 fabric repeats lengthwise down the middle and save one of these pieces for the wide borders
2) Cut out and layer four identical pieces of the fabric following the design repeat and pin around the perimeter with flathead pins carefully capturing the same motif through all fabric layers
3) Rotary cut strip sets 3-1/2” wide and then sub-cut them into 3-1/2” square sets.
4) Take a square set, and rotate the four identical squares to create a 4-patch kaleidoscope. There are four different rotation options so have fun choosing your favorite look!

Have fun choosing a large print to make your own block.  Florals work great, but you can also have fun using novelty prints and kids’ prints.

I was so inspired by the Love Flows fabric collection while working on my block submission that I made a twin size version of my Trellis Garden (QM116) pattern with the fabric and updated my pattern cover to feature the fabric as shown below.

QM116 Trellis Garden pattern web

Here is an image of a queen size quilt using my Kaleidoscope Symphony design and the Maywood Studio’s Garden of Enchantment fabric line that I showed you above.  Adding easy  “4-patch kaleidoscopes” to the center of blocks is a fun way to spice up your blocks so give it a try!

Kaleidoscope Symphony - Garden of Enchantment

Now for the goodies.  Leave a comment on this post by midnight Friday, May 3rd, for a chance to win a copy of the new Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7 magazine, a Quilt Moments’ pattern, or my Kaleidoscope Symphony book.  Tell me what pattern you would like to win (you can see all of them on my website).

Then remember to visit Quiltmaker and all the other blogs for more entertainment and chances to win prizes.

Enjoy all your quilt moments!



457 Responses to “Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 7 Blog Tour”

  1. Margaret R Says:

    All of your patterns are lovely but I would pick Changing Ways. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome quilty goodness.

  2. Chris Says:

    I just finished Entwined and I am working on Ribbon Rings. I think I will definitely do both again. I would like to have Candy Jar or Changing Ways. I love your patterns.

  3. Sheri Says:

    I love the Kaleidoscope block and the quilts you show that are made with that type of block are stunning. I would love to win your Kaleidoscope Symphony book!

  4. Anita Says:

    Candy Jar is one of my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Pat S Says:

    Trellis Garden really caught my attention! Thanks sew much for this chance to win 😀

  6. Martina Says:

    Such a great block! Hard to choose my favourites from your patterns but I reall love Treasure Trove

  7. KT Says:

    Love how you use the kaleidoscope in the center of your block! Would love to win a copy of your book!

  8. Janet Parde Says:

    I like the effect of the repeat in your blocks.

  9. Debra Gutenson Says:

    I especially love kalaidescope symphony. Thanks.

  10. Djoekie Says:

    ik hou van caleidoscoop quilts
    very nice

  11. Bernie S Says:

    Keyboard is a great pattern. I guess I need to try kaleidoscope blocks, they are great!

  12. Lisa Marie Says:

    Love your block and your patterns! My favorite is Trellis Garden, just beautiful!

  13. Sandra Visser Says:

    Very hard to choose just 1 pattern. Would have to say Trellis Garden would be my pick. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Vivian Says:

    The Blog Hop is off to a great start with this! Love the idea of the Kaleidoscope effect at the center of the block and the design versatility created by color placement. I also see potential in the five-block set as a medallion quilt center.

    Pattern I’d love to win? Celebration!

  15. Joanna Says:

    I like your pattern “Celebration.” Kaleidoscope Star #664 is lovely and seems to be very versatile.

  16. Donna Joy Says:

    I settled on ring toss, but they are all so lovely, thanks for giveaway.

  17. LJ Says:

    I’ve been fascinated by your kaleidoscope technique since the first time I saw it. Now I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was on “The Quilt Show”. This block is gorgeous and I love the changes that occur because of your choice in fabric placement. You have so many great patterns but “Keyboard Kaleidoscope” is at the top of the list. I would so love to have your Kaleidescope book, too!!

  18. Robyn Brown Says:

    That’s a lovely block and a lovely layout

  19. Sandi Says:

    Your block and quilt are lovely! I would love to win either Kaleidoscope Symphony or Blossom Bliss. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Colleen Taylor Says:

    Really hard to choose a favorite because I really like the twister patterns but have them already and I like the Ribbon Rings but also have that one so…my favorite right now from your website would have to be Tilt-a-Whirl! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Tina in NJ Says:

    What a prolific designer! I considered Check Out the Stars, but I think I would choose Ribbon Rings. Lovely patterns, I love your 4-patch kaleidoscope style.

  22. Deborah Says:

    I really am drawn to the Check Out the Stars pattern, so much movement and excitement.
    Thank you!

  23. buntyw Says:

    Great block – thank you for the tutorial !!
    My favourite pattern is Ribbon Rings!

  24. Jocelyn Says:

    Love the block! I can’t wait to see this latest edition of 100 Blocks. I’m always inspired by the creativity. Thanks!

  25. Colette Says:

    Gorgeous blocks you are truly talented with your use of color and design. So many wonderful patterns it is difficult to choose but love the Twilight Kaleidoscope. The colors are so dramatic.

  26. Margaret Lawrence Says:

    Your Kaleidoscope Symphony book and the Treasure Trove pattern would be very welcome additions to my trove of goodies! Your new block is gorgeous and I love how it looks in the quilt using Maywood’s Garden of Enchantment.

  27. Julie Says:

    I love the kaleidoscoping in your blocks!! I think my fave shown here is the first one with the cream option. Sooooo pretty! Thanks for the opportunity to win a magazine—I absolutely love 100 Block mags….they just feed my imagination!!

  28. Debbie Rhodes Says:

    thanks for the opportunity to win.. Treasure trove has to be my favorite..

  29. mrsmoore Says:

    Your block is ingenious! I have wanted to make the Kensington kaleidoscope for years!

  30. sandratimmons Says:

    What a fantastic block. You have shown us a table topper/wallhanging and a queen-sized quilt. You make it look so easy and looks so beautiful when done. Thank you for sharing and giving all of us a chance to win a copy of QM 100 Blocks, Volume 7. I would be so happy to win a copy of your book for myself. This is quite the gift to win and I know I would treasure this forever.

    Sandi Timmons

  31. Krista Robbins Says:

    Really beautiful block and designs!

  32. Annie K Says:

    Oh gosh, how to pick a favorite, when they’re all so gorgeous? Trellis Garden, maybe?

  33. Vivian Says:

    I really like the starlight pattern. I even have a cute panel to put in the middle.

  34. VickiT Says:

    Your block is beautiful for the Volume 7 issue.
    Choosing a pattern is tough because you have designed some gorgeous quilt designs. I am having a tough time choosing between Triple Twister (QM127) and Twister Illusions (QM131) as they are both great. I think if lucky enough to win, I’d choose the Triple Twister pattern.

    Thank you and congratulation for being chosen for this issue.

  35. The Stylish Home Says:

    I love the movement in the kaleidoscope blocks! You have so many beautiful patterns, it was hard to choose just one…but I think I like Celebration! Thank you for the chances to win…and congrats on being in the 100!

  36. Gwen Says:

    I have used your patterns before and I love them, so unique and
    fun. It is such a hard decision, as to my favorite, but I would have
    to say the Triple Twister, as I have the template, and have not
    found a pattern that I would use to use it. Love your kalidescope
    patterns, and thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Lisa L Says:

    I love the versatility of Starlight!

  38. Diann Cornell Says:

    Nice block. Changing Ways sounds good.

  39. LeAnne L Says:

    I just took a real quick look through your patterns before I head off to work. Way too many good ones to pick a favorite, but one that really caught my eye is Twilight Kaleidoscope.

  40. maggielou Says:

    I really like tilt a whirl if I had to choose I like them all

  41. Gloria B Says:

    I think Ribbon Rings is my favourite.

  42. Marca Fritzemeier Says:

    I like so many of your patterns, but since I just bought a twister ruler, I think I’d pick Triple Twister.

  43. Judy Says:

    I enjoyed looking at all our patterns and love many of them. I am loving the Triple Twister, it looks so versatile and has so much energy!!!

  44. Kerry Davidson Says:

    My goodness, I’m so glad I decided to check out all these blogs. I just love your four patch kaleidoscopes and so love your Twilight Kaleidoscope pattern, but was also VERY taken with the Celebrations pattern. Must come back later and have a really good look.

  45. Donna Says:

    Using a 4 patch kaleidoscope is a great idea. I also love the Metro pattern on your website. It has a modern feel.

  46. Ten Says:

    Tilt-a-Whirl looks like great fun. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Christine Says:

    What an elegant block. Your color choices are magnificent.

  48. Linda Walford Says:

    I love the way you incorporate kaleidoscopes into your blocks! I really want to make your trellis pattern. It is stunning!

  49. Sue Bone Says:

    Stunning. I’d choose Tilt a whirl too.

  50. Gena in Dallas Says:

    Your Kaleidoscope star block is just gorgeous! Thank you for the giveaway.

  51. Ruby Says:

    I just bought a twister ruler, now to use it … Thanks for the giveaway

  52. Jennifer Schifano Thomas Says:

    Awesome! I love your kaleidoscope idea for the center of your block. That could be used in so many different designs. Have a super day!

  53. Barbara Schlager Says:

    Love Trellis Garden and the bold fabrics. A great pattern to use those beautiful large print fabrics

  54. Mary C in WA Says:

    I’ve seen your center as a 4-patch Posy block. It’s great to see all the variations. Thanks for a chance to WIN Volume 7 of the 100 Blocks QM Magazine

  55. Beth G Says:

    Love the Starlight and Twister patterns – all great patterns

  56. Karen Says:

    I love the design of the celebration with stonehenge.

  57. D'Ann Says:

    I love the Kaleidoscope Star… I am really into the green and purples can’t seem to get away from them…. can’t wait to make this.

  58. Ellen B Says:

    Ring Toss looks like a super quilt and just my style. I appreciate that you show different fabrics and that your patterns can be formal or fun.

  59. marilyntucker Says:

    I love kaleidoscope symphony. It is very pretty!

  60. Sandy Says:

    I really like the ring toss patten. I can see so many of my fabrics in this pattern.

  61. Garnet Says:

    Wonderful designs with perfect fabric selections .. who could ask for more? Bravo!!

  62. Rachell R Says:

    I just bought Entwined but I really want Ribbon Rings too! they are amazing–and Ring Toss is fabulous. Can you tell that I love Celtic-like designs? and stars, any kind of stars…so this block is wonderful.

  63. Tamsyn Says:

    Love your Block! Winning the Keyboard Kaleidoscope pattern (or magazine) would be great.

  64. Karen S. Says:

    I really like the trellis garden pattern. This is my first time doing a blog hop. It is do fun and it will take me forever to visit, read and comment on so many. What wonderful designs, thanks for sharing.

  65. Gwen Olitsky Says:

    Wow, that block with the giant floral knocked my socks off. I have some large florals I love, what a great inspiration…. thank you.

  66. Michelle Harrison Says:

    I really like the second quilt design with the brown background. It is fun to audition all the ideas, isn’t it? I enjoyed looking at your patterns and Clare’s Garden is my favorite.

  67. Betsy Byers Says:

    Wow! What more is there to say. They are all so beautiful. I like Catch Me.

  68. ela pracht Says:

    i love your new block…so versatile…but if i were to choose a pattern it would be your celebration quilt…i just love the symmetry and design

  69. Sheryl F. Says:

    Such a beautiful block. I would love to win your Ribbon Rings pattern.

  70. Jill Fraczek Says:

    The Kaleidoscope Star is such a nice pattern. What a great way to use up some stash!

  71. soozspeak Says:

    Love the colors and fabrics in your block.

  72. Julia Says:

    I love how you’ve incorporated the center kaleidoscope. Haven’t seen that before. Enter me in the drawing!

  73. Kristi Says:

    All of your quilt patterns are very impressive but I have to say I love your new fabric version of Trellis Garden.

  74. Lesley Says:

    Congrats for being featured in 100 blocks! Your design is beautiful and your quilt patterns are exquisite! I love Charming Turnover Stars. Thanks for the chance!

  75. Avon B Says:

    Love your Trellis Garden quilt and colors. I would love to win the pattern and the giveaway!

  76. Sheila Fernkopf Says:

    I really enjoyed looking thru all your patterns. I really like Trellis Garden. I would be thrilled to win any of the prizes you listed. 🙂
    Thank you.

  77. Kay Says:

    Your block is beautiful and is lovely as a whole quilt. I would love to win the kaleidescope book.

  78. Kelly Anderson Says:

    Lots of pretty patterns…I would have to choose the Catch Me pattern if I was to win. I’ll be back to do some shopping later 🙂

  79. dlk3265 Says:

    Triple Twister is my favorite at the moment!

  80. sandra Says:

    I like the trellis garden.

  81. Gwen Says:

    What an incredible array of beautiful patterns you’ve created! I think I would choose Kaleidoscope Garden, but frankly, I would be happy with any of them!

  82. Becky Lowery Says:

    Oh my goodness, your blocks are awesome! I would love to make them all. Thank you for a chance to win prizes.

  83. Holly Says:

    I would LOVE to win Kensington Kaleidoscope; I love the one you made in pink

  84. Donna Says:

    I love the Kaleidoscope Symphony, It is beautiful!!

  85. Sharon Lichter Says:

    All your patterns are so beautiful it was hard to choose, but I think I would choose QM107, Check Out the Stars. I like how everything blends.

  86. Mary W Says:

    Triple Twister. Your block is great for showcasing fabric.

  87. Kathy Santos Says:

    The Keyboard Kaleidoscope is very nice, You do have many nice patterns. Can’t wait to try your block.

  88. Christine Sherman Says:

    I love the Entwined pattern!

  89. Agnes B. Bullock Says:

    This block is stunning- I love the kaleidescope effect of your blocks- this is amazing!

  90. Diane S Says:

    I really liked your Kaleidoscope Star pattern.

  91. Lucy Says:

    Love all your patterns but guess I would choose Kensington Kaleidoscope. Love the Check out the Stars pattern too with all the brights!

  92. Ladonna Says:

    I am also a lover of Kaleidoscope blocks! I haven’t used the 4 patch design though..lots of Kaleidoscope stars and dresdan plates!

  93. Lou Says:

    Your block is beautiful! Love the way the different settings change the block.
    I like hte Metro pattern:) I am in the process of making your Twisters Illusion pattern:) am loving it!!!

  94. Cecilia Says:

    Great block! I like your Ribbon Rings pattern. Thanks for the chance to win and congratulations on your block being in the magazine.

  95. Hueisei Says:

    Your block and quilt are so pretty! I like the Blossom Bliss.

  96. Koricard Says:

    I love the block you designed. I have always wanted to try making a kaleidoscope type design but they always look so complicated. Your patterns look like it would be simple and yet get a beautiful effect! I would love a copy of your book or I also love your Twilight Kaleidoscope pattern and Trellis Garden pattern. Beautiful!

  97. Annie Says:

    Your design using kaleidoscopes in the block center is very clever. It gives a traditional looking block a very contemporary feel. I especially like your patterns Step into the Ring and Celebration with Stonehenge!

  98. Mary B Says:

    Thank you for sharing your quilt block and different ideas. They are all so beautiful. Not sure which one I like the best.

  99. Alice Stutz Says:

    I love all your patterns, so which one to choose?? Trellis Garden is wonderful and the use of the colors is beautiful.

  100. Colleen Says:

    Trellis Garden is lovely – I love how you’ve integrated kaleidoscope blocks into so many different block settings.

  101. Linda Johnson Says:

    i loved your Kaleidoscope block and i like it best in Garden of Enchantment by Maywood Studio.

  102. Kathy Stoessner Says:

    I would be entranced with the kaleidoscope designs. I just love the surprise of each one.

  103. Mary P Says:

    Congrats on being selected for QM’s 100 Blocks. You have so many beautiful patterns, it was hard to decide, Metro or Starlight

  104. Beth T. Says:

    Wow. so many lovely patterns. My choice would be Ribbon Rings, although it wasn’t easy to decide.

  105. Linda Egge Says:

    I have always liked your twilight kaleidoscope pattern. The jewel tones and black are eye catching.

  106. Karen in Breezy Point Says:

    I’ve always loved Check Out the Stars and, oddly, I don’t own a copy of the pattern. Your block is so elegant–can’t wait for the magazine!

  107. Nancy Says:

    What a unique idea to use a kaleidoscope for a block center! I will definitely have to try that.

  108. JeanB Says:

    I started writing down all the patterns I liked. It’s quite a list. I’m afraid I can’t narrow it down to just one. So, I closed my eyes and picked one. QM112, Metro. It looks like fractured diamonds. I really like the 4 patch kaleidoscope technique.

  109. Valorie Spanogle Says:

    Trellis Garden Pattern please, I love the way it looks. Also I love the deep green and burgandy of your featured block.

  110. Sallie Says:

    Love your block! Thanks for the giveaways! I’d choose Trellis Garden.

  111. Eva Says:

    I love the Kaleidoscope block and the awesome colored you used. Thanks for sharing.

  112. kathy h Says:

    You have so many wonderful patterns. I kept changing my mind when i would see a new one. But the twister illusions was just terrific. I have really liked seeing those quilts made with those techniques so I guess that would be my favorite. COngratulations on having your block in the magazine. Very pretty block and I love all the different ways you used it.

  113. Margo Scott Says:

    Wow! So many pretty squares to pick just one as a favorite. I did like the kaleidoscope star #664 a lot. New to quilting and always something to aspire to.

  114. Melanee Van Ee-Mortensen Says:

    The Kaleidoscope Symphony is wonderful! Love the use of the patterns rather than just the colors for the fabric. I really like the Trellis design.

  115. MHH Says:

    I’d love a copy of the Kaleidoscope Symphony quilt. It is a really terrific quilt

  116. Angela Beaumont Says:

    I love the way you bring out the colours using these blocks, the first one works great duplicated and I love the way the purple and green looks with the floral material and then the way it works in the trellis pattern is fab. I also really like the last one which then incorporates a few of your designs and I like to use varied blocks when I make quilts and for this reason I would like to win your kaleidoscope book please if I am chosen

  117. Cathy B Says:

    blossum bliss. Great block! Congrats on getting in the magazine!

  118. Kathy Says:

    What a beautiful block and quilts. Cant wait to try this one.

  119. Clari Says:

    Your patterns are gorgeous! No question my favorite is Ribbon Rings. It has so many possibilities.

  120. Janet Says:

    I love Kaleidoscope quilts. My favourite is Turning Point. So much movement!

  121. Stephanie A Says:

    I’d love to win the new Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7 magazine! I want to get going on some of these awesome blocks!

  122. Bonita Says:

    I love this block. I can hardly wait to try it.

  123. Celia Says:

    i love the way elements are repeated in your block. Makes the quilt very interesting visually.

  124. Karen H. Says:

    Beautiful! Very creative.

  125. connandvansmom Says:

    What a grogeous block. And I love love love that fabric collection Love Flows that you used.

  126. Cathy Says:

    I love all your patterns but “Tilt a Whirl” sang to me. Thanks for the giveaway. Hugs

  127. marian Says:

    Kaleidescope Symphony is stunning!

  128. Mitts Says:

    Garden Enchantment is my favorite and I especially love the use of the Brown fabric for the background. Makes your blocks stand out and a very striking setting…….does so much justice to the fabric collection.

  129. Kay Mc Says:

    Hard to choose, but I really like the Clare’s Garden quilt.

  130. JoAnn Says:

    Ilove the pattern, Ribbon Rings. Thank you.

  131. Rayne Garnsey Says:

    love all the patterns

  132. Marilyn Says:

    I love your patterns I would like a lot of them but would really like ‘Twilight Kaleidoscope’. It is just so stricking. Thanks for the chance to win.

  133. Deborah French Says:

    I forgot all aboit time looking at all your beautiful patterns on your web site. I think I like the Starlight the best – but the longer I looked the more I changed my mond. I would be thrilled with any of them. (Not too complicated please – I am fairly new!!)
    Thank you!

    PS 5/3 is my birthday – would be a nice gift!! 🙂

  134. Sue Says:

    I love all your patterns, but to pick just one… #QM101 Kensington Kaleidoscope, that one shows of your 4-patch center the best, I think. It would be nice to win it.

  135. Barbara C. Says:

    I love the kaleidoscope made with Love Flower, using the cream background.

  136. tammy h Says:

    I just love Kaleidoscope Symphony. What a great block!

  137. Rose Says:

    I really love the Kaleidoscope Star #664 in your color pallet of the greens and reds. Thanks for the chance to win.

  138. Pat Evans Says:

    The 4-patch kaleidoscope blocks are terrific. You’ve given me some ideas for projects to use leftover blocks from earlier quilts. My pattern pick would be Kensington Kaleidoscope.

  139. Victoria Miner Says:

    Charming Turnover Stars is my favorite, though it was hard to choose. Thanks for your giveaway.

  140. Ali S. Says:

    I love all the Kaleidoscope patterns! I have done a simple kaleidoscope block before, but these are amazing. I think the Kensington Kaleidoscope is my favorite.

  141. Ellen McCaulley Says:

    Love your block and all your patterns. Hard to pick just one I will go with Elegance.

  142. debra rideough Says:

    I like Kaleidoscope Symphony

  143. Brenda Hulsey Says:

    The Kaleidoscope block is beautiful!

  144. Quilter Kathy Says:

    What a fun technique to try out!
    I love the Ribbon Ring patterns!

  145. Shirley V D Says:

    I love your block. It is beautiful. Belle Kaleidoscope is the pattern I would like to win. I love the colors.

  146. Rosemary Says:

    Wow! Marilyn. That Tilt-a-Whirl looks simple enough for me! I also love the Twister as I just bought a template on a Shop Hop. Thanks for the opportunity to win some great inspiration.

  147. Joyce Says:

    Lovely block. I’ve seen some of your designs before–maybe on The Quilt Show.com. Love your Belle Kaleidoscope pattern–here’s hoping I win.

  148. Barb Johnson Says:

    All of your patterns are lovely, but I think I like the Ring Toss one best. I definitely want to try your kaleidoscope technique!

  149. Patricia Griffiths Says:

    Great block! I like your triple twister. I just recently bought the
    small twister blocks to make a Christmas stocking.

  150. Ruth Rocker Says:

    All of your patterns are lovely. As I was scrolling through your website, I realized I already had quite a few of them .

    The one that REALLY caught my eye was QM109 Celebration. It is absolutely beautiful! I would love to win it!

  151. birdnana14425Carol Aselin Says:

    Love the Kaleidoscope block….and especially how you gave directions…. Thank you so much

  152. Michele Says:

    lovely designs. Kaleidescope garden, Ring Toss, Trellis Garden….really, I’d love to win any of your patterns

  153. Ele W. Says:

    I love, love, love Kaleidoscope quilts, and have made some. I love the way they look set on darkbackgrounds. That is the pattern that tripped my trigger, the Kaleidoscope one!! Many thanks for the chance to win this.

  154. Mary Says:

    I really like the kaleidoscope blocks

  155. edith mascia Says:

    I wpuld love to have your Kaleidoscope Syphomy book. All your patterns are wonderful and would be happy to have any one of them

  156. Deb Says:

    WOW, love that block! I will definitely be visiting your blog again!

  157. Debbie Barnes Says:

    I love the kaleidoscope look. I’ve seen several recently and thinking about trying one myself. This would give me the push to do that. I also love the twisters.

  158. Karen in CA Says:

    Lovely block. I love the idea of using the kaleidoscope centers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  159. gussek Says:

    I would love to win your Kaleidoscope Symphony book! Your block is beautiful!

  160. Lori L Says:

    Love your block. I would love to try to make the music fabric table/bed runner in your Kaleidoscope book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  161. Patty Happel Says:

    I love all of your patterns so it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I really like Check out the stars, and kaleidoscope garden. Would love to have a copy of your book.

  162. Laura-Lee Says:

    The kaleidoscope garden was truly awe-inspiring!

  163. Christine Says:

    Beautiful block! I love all the patterns, but I think my favorite is the Triple Twister.

  164. Sharon Kane Says:

    The Tilta-a-Whirl pattern with the bright colors stood out the most for me. It would be so fun to make for either as a baby quilt or child but even a grandma would like it!!!

  165. Robyn Weiss Says:

    I love the combination with kaleidoscopes in your new block – congratulations on being in the top 100! The colours in your QM109 with Stonehenge are wonderful too.

  166. MaryBeth Says:

    I love Ring Toss. I think it’s my favorite.

  167. Karla S. Says:

    I like all your patterns – they are fun. If I was to win a pattern, Entwined would be a fun one.

  168. Janice Padgett Says:

    Love your use of large prints. Thanks for the instructions for your 4-patch block. I would LOVE to win your Twilight Kaleidoscope pattern.

  169. Alberta Diane Says:

    I would love to win Star light or Kaleidoscope garden. Both are so nice.

  170. Jenelle Boxberger Says:

    Love your block and congrats. I’m looking forward to having this magazine. Thanks. I like QM103 Tilt-A-Whirl

  171. Val Weins Says:

    I just love your Trellis Garden quilt. The colors look so fabulous together. I would love the chance to win this pattern

  172. Toni Stone Says:

    I like Trellis Garden.

  173. Kate Says:

    I love your Check Out the Stars pattern. So many lovely patterns. Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous gifts.

  174. catskillquilter Says:

    My favorite pattern is Step into the Ring!

  175. Laurie in Maine Says:

    Celebration 🙂

  176. Pam Green Says:

    I love your block for the new QM block collection. It is so wonderful to see large prints used so creatively. I also appreciate seeing how the block looks with various fabrics and in a whole quilt setting.

  177. Margaret Andrews Says:

    Tilt-A-Whirl is really such a complex pattern and looks like fun.

  178. Karen Says:

    So many fantastic designs. I think my favourite is Belle Kaleidoscope

  179. Julie Christine Says:

    I really like the Celebration with Stonehenge pattern. Very lovely!

  180. Pat Says:

    My favorite is Triple Twister although it was hard to choose. Your patterns are gorgeous. Thank you for being part of the tour.

  181. carla bynum Says:

    Hi!!! Wow!!! I love it with the brown background and then the twin size you made!!!! Beautiful block!!!! Love it!!!! Thank You

  182. Connie Schwaderer Says:

    I love the center of each block, how different but same

  183. Ellen Says:

    Celebration is gorgeous!

  184. Kathleen Dalecio Says:

    Your designs are lovely. I’d love to win you Candy Jar (QM122) pattern! Thank you for your wonderful Kaleidescope tips and instructions.

  185. Teri powers Says:

    I like the stonehedge pattern

  186. CarolynR Says:

    Kaleidoscope blocks are always such a lovely surprise. I love the brown background you used!

  187. Linda Ferguson Says:

    Wow-so many options for your block!

  188. Carol Dolan Says:

    I love the kaleidoscope symphony quilt and the kaleidoscope star block — so pretty!

  189. Kris B Says:

    I love the quilt pattern Entwined! It would be fun to make!

  190. Kath Says:

    Love the Starlight Pattern. It was hard to decide on just one pattern. The Garden Trellis was real close. You had requested that we make a decision on just one, so I had to do a coin toss. Thank you.

  191. billiemick Says:

    What a great block design.

  192. marta Says:

    Hi, I like the quilt in the second picture..brown background…thank you…..marta

  193. Theresa Says:

    I think your Keyboard Kaleidoscope pattern is adorable. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pattern.

  194. karen Says:

    kaleidoscope block is lovely especially with Garden of Enchantment fabrics!

  195. Cindi C Says:

    I like Belle Kaleidoscope. But it was a really hard decision.

  196. Sharon Judkins Says:

    I love your block. So pretty. I would choose Ribbon Rings as my favorite but there are several that I like a lot. Thanks for the chance to win.

  197. Bonnie Pfrimmer Says:

    I like so many of your patterns, it is hard to choose. But I liked Blossom Bliss the best. Thanks for sharing.

  198. Joan H. Says:

    I really would like to make a quilt using your Metro QM112 Pattern. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pattern

  199. claire Says:

    Ribbon Rings is my fave! Hope I win your giveaway. thx

  200. tonianne Says:

    Treasure Trove, thinking of the young males in my family who might be delighted with a quilt like this one. I do like the effects your kaleidoscopes produce however and your block is quite mesmerising:)

  201. Pam from CA Says:

    Trellis Garden is one of my favorites!

  202. rosa Says:

    Wow,fabulous designs,It`s hard to pick only one favorite .Ribbon Rings is one of my fav.Thanks for the chance.

  203. Leann Says:

    I love your designs and the Kaleidoscope Star #664 is gorgeous. How can I get my hands on a copy of the pattern?

  204. Pat O Says:

    I love your use of large prints! I think I’ve been inspired! If chosen, I would pick your Tilt A Whirl pattern … and thanks for the opportunity!

  205. Donna Amos Says:

    I love your idea of putting a kaleidoscope block in the center of a star. I will try it soon. I looked at your blog and really like the pattern called Keyboard Kaleidoscope. Your block #664 is great.

  206. Alice M Says:

    Love any of the kaleidoscope patterns have never done a kaleidoscope quilt.

  207. ritainalaska Says:

    great idea and instructions for your four-patch center. your designs are sure superand look forward to seeing it in the 100 block mag, my all time fav magazine. that’s my choice, thank you!

  208. Cy Says:

    I really like the Tilt-a-Whirl pattern! I have plenty of jelly rolls and charm packs I could use to make this quilt.

  209. Elizabeth Engman Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Kaleidoscope patterns, but have never found the opportunity. I like your patterns a lot, but would choose “Ring Toss” if I was fortunate enough to win. Thanks for the opportunity.


  210. Helen Sullivan Sini Says:

    Nice patterns! I especially like Check out the Stars.

  211. Joyce Mitchell Says:

    Love your block. Thanks for sharing all the pics. My pattern choice is Check Out The Stars. Thanks.

  212. Gloria Snodgrass Says:

    I love your Kaleidoscope Star pattern and all the possibilities – love the color schemes! I would like to get the “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 7” if I win. Thanks for the inspiration!

  213. Marsha Kestner Says:

    What a great block. Thanks for the chance to win

  214. Carol Vickers Says:

    So hard to choose but I love the kaleidoscope blocks!

  215. Jitka Says:

    I like the kaleidoskop patern very much. Your QM101 Kensington Kaleidoscope look great.

  216. Nancy Bennett Says:

    I like Kaleidoscope Symphony book best. Would be a great prize to win.

  217. Mary Arline Smith Says:

    I have so enjoyed visiting both of your sites. Congratulations! on your entry. I am drawn to the two following patterns:QM122 Candy Jar and QM103 Tilt-A-Wheel. Mary Arline

  218. Sandy (aka Stitches) Says:

    I would love to win your Kaleidoscope Symphony book, keeping fingers crossed..

  219. Arlene Watts Says:

    Beautiful block

  220. nanbon Says:

    I think starlight is my favorite

  221. Vicki H Says:

    Very pretty block. I like the Tilt-a-Whirl pattern.

  222. Deborah Says:

    Well I couldn’t pick just one favorite. I love Trellis Garden and Candy Jar. Looking forward to seeing your block in the 100 Blocks book.

  223. Lisa E Says:

    Thank you for the tips about using a kaleidoscope in the middle of the block. The results are very cool. I’d like to win the Quiltmaker magazine or the Entwined pattern. Thanks for the chance.

  224. thequiltedcat Says:

    Wow – great block! I’d love to win the Kaleidoscope Twilight pattern.

  225. Karen K. Wright Says:

    Kaleidoscope Star #664 with the brown background just POPS!
    It makes a dynamic statement.

  226. Cheri Williams Says:

    Love the large print and how you changed it around in each block. Also the the Trellis Garden and of course the purples. Can’t wait for the magazine to start making your block.

  227. Karen W. Says:

    Thanks for your chance to win. I love Check Out the Stars-it looks like a great pattern for batiks.

  228. Hanke Says:

    Love the kaleidoscope!

  229. MarciaW Says:

    From What’s New, I like Twister Illusions and Ribbon Rings. BUT, Kaleidoscope Symphony is the one I keep returning to as a favorite.

  230. Ronnie H Says:

    Blossom Bliss really caught my eye but I think my fav is Kaleidoscope Twilight. Love the way the same fabric gives different results depending on how you rotate them.

  231. Savannah Hickman Says:

    Congratulations on your block! It is absolutely stunning! You should put your block and the magazine in a shadow box to always remember this!

  232. lindawwww Says:

    Wow! It was so hard to choose just one pattern but my favorite is Keyboard Kaleidoscope. Congratulations!

  233. MargaretQuilts Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your giveaway prizes. I love your block in the Love Flows collection fabric designed by Jan Douglas for Maywood Studio. It’s stunning. We just purchased a lil twister ruler so will like one of your twister quilt designs, like twister illusions.

  234. dawn koby Says:

    I loved the garden of enchantment line that you used, very nice.

  235. Sherry Starr Says:

    I would love to win Clare’s Garden. Your block is beautiful.

  236. lisamcgriff Says:

    Tilt a Whirl!!! Love your block to!

  237. Jill Hicks Says:

    I would love to win Metro or the volume 7 magazine.

  238. rosiemc Says:

    Although I like many of your patterns, I think Entwined is my favorite.

  239. Marie Says:

    Wow your patterns are amazing! Winning any one of them would be a treat! I especially liked Leading Ladies

  240. Pam C Says:

    I really like candy jar.

  241. Bonnie Coleman Says:

    Would LOVE to win any of the books! But have been wanting to make a Kaleidoscope quilt for years, so Kaleidoscope Symphony would be my first pick! Keep up the wonderful work!

  242. Barbara Sindlinger Says:

    I like the Keyboard Kaleidoscope pattern – the different sized kaleidoscope blocks plus the stripe around the middle really makes it all stand out.

  243. Cathy Marie Gates Says:

    Love the Kaleidoscope effect!

  244. Gaye Says:

    I love the twisters and would like to try the Triple Twisters.

  245. Karen Says:

    So much fun on your site!

  246. sandinthewindowsills Says:

    You are SO talented. I want all of your patterns! I think I love Trellis Garden the most. I am going to start collecting and making your patterns right away. Where have you been all of my quilting life?

  247. Marguerite Guinn Says:

    The kaleidoscope symphony book would be fun. Love the block you designed for Quiltmaker.

  248. mrsunclefuzzy Says:

    What a great block! I love all your patterns but entwined is the one that really is sticking in my mind I would love to win it.

  249. Merry Gay Lape Says:

    All of your patterns were beautiful, but ‘Check Out the Stars’ was my very favorite and it is the pattern I would choose. I’m happy to have found your web page!

  250. JoAnne Says:

    Kaleidoscope Symphony is my pick.

  251. Emily Callender Says:

    Great block. Love how you show the different color combinations and rotations. Each one is different and beautiful.

  252. Lizzie Says:

    Love your block design for the magazine. I Like all your patterns but would prefer Entwined Qm129 if I am lucky enough to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  253. Bonnie Miles Says:

    Amazing designs ! Love that you give so many options. Thanks for taking time to show those to us.

  254. Barbara Pricola Says:

    I really love your designs, but the one I would chose if I were to win one would be QM103 Tilt-A-Whirl. Thank you for the opportunity!

  255. jeanne in Ohio Says:

    My favorite is Check Out the Stars. Thanks for the giveaway.

  256. kaholly Says:

    I would love to win a copy of the magazine!

  257. Lynn Says:

    I would say Ribbon Rings, but it was difficult to choose just one.

  258. Kathy (QuiltMonkey) Says:

    So many wonderful patterns!! I really like Trellis Garden. Thanks for the chance!

  259. Becky Smith Says:

    Love your work!!
    I’d like a copy of the magazine if chosen.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  260. Georgie Says:

    Love your block for the magazine! I really like Twilight Kaleidescope – it’s gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  261. Linda Says:

    Love the Trellis Garden. Beauitful block

  262. Deb Says:

    Congrats on your block being in the book. I’d love to win a copy. I’m enjoying the blog hop already!

  263. Tania Says:

    Your patterns are lovely, it was very difficult to choose! Entwined was the one I would like to try the most.

  264. valentinegirl60 Says:

    Love the Tilt a Whirl!!

  265. sandy752 Says:

    there were some of these kaleidoscope blocks at the quilt show. interesting. loved symphony

  266. JillB Says:

    congrats on your block! It never ceases to amaze me what changing the colors can do

  267. Elaine Says:

    I don’t know which pattern I like best, they are all great! If I were to win I would have to pick one of the 4 patch kaleidoscope, I just don’t know which one.

  268. Cindy K Says:

    I really like the Ring Toss Pattern. You have a lot of nice patterns.

  269. mary Says:

    Wow! I haven’t done any kaleidoscope-ing quilts in a long time. Your quilts are gorgeous! I like the idea of making the center of the block a kaleidoscope.

  270. Regina Says:

    Would love your book – or the magazine – so many ideas, so little time!!! Your work is GORGEOUS!

  271. Laura Peterson Says:

    Congratulations on being in volume 7…your block is terrific! When I looked at your patterns, it was hard to pick a favorite! It’s a toss-up for me between Kaleidoscope Garden and Elegance.

  272. Franci Says:

    It was so hard to choose. Finally narrowed it down to five and of
    those five, chose Elegance

  273. Sandy A in St. Louis Says:

    Love that you use the 4 patch in the center. It makes the block unique! Love the Trellis Garden pattern the best, but they all are great.

  274. Jinnine Pearce Says:

    So many lovely patterns to choose from . This one really caught my eye QM117 Twilight Kaleidoscope .

  275. Shirley Suter Says:

    Thanks for a chance to win! I love ALL of your patterns so if I win, surprise me! 🙂

  276. Carol Says:

    Love all your patterns as there is a large variety. I especially love your twisted ribbon rings. Looks like a lot of lay out options for the blocks.

  277. Margaret Parks Says:

    I just love your patterns, the Twilight kaleidoscope is great.

  278. Lynda Says:

    I love large florals but couldn’t figure out to to use them effectively (except maybe as a border), love your pattern for incorporating them. Thanks for the chance to win, would love your book but any pattern would be a wonderful addition.

  279. Susie Says:

    I love your quilt blocks. They all look so beautiful. I love your Twilight Kaleidoscope

  280. Bonnie Thiem Says:

    I love the burgundy colors and the fussy cut flowers in the center of the block. I would love to make this block.

  281. Jodi Says:

    I like keyboard kaleidoscope pattern. Actually I like all the kaleidoscope patterns..

  282. Lou Brewer Says:

    I absolutely love your Clare’s Garden pattern. My mom’s name was Clara and she loved her garden and your quilt brought back so many memories of her.

  283. Patty Swatzell Says:

    Congrats on getting your Block in Vol 7. I love the way the Kaleidoscopes fill out on the full quilt. I would love to win your
    Kaleidoscope Symphony Book.

  284. Laurie Says:

    Oh my what wonderful patterns! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think it would be Tilt a Whirl.

  285. Linda Orr Says:

    I absolutely LOVE your pattern The Twister Illusions (QM131). It would be a great pattern to play with

  286. Donna Says:

    All your patterns are lovely. If I need to pick one it would be Among the Stars!

  287. Kay Ahr Says:

    Of your patterns, my favorite is Trellis Garden. Love your block for the magazine. I have some itty-bitty 4-block kaleidoscopes from years ago. They turned out so small, I had no idea what to do with them. Your block is the perfect solution!

  288. Lynn Kilgard Says:

    I love the kaleidoscope block and would love the Kaleidoscope Symphony book – beautiful!

  289. Kathleen McCormick Says:

    Love this block and the kaleidoscope center. This looks like sew much fun!

  290. Maria Linder Says:

    Kaleidoscope symphony is so pretty. I would love to win the magazine.

  291. Virginia Pilegard Says:

    Wow! You are a master among master quilters! I especially like AMONG THE STARS

  292. Marla Says:

    Your block is great! Love it in the purples

  293. Wendy Says:

    Beautiful! I kept scrolling down and thinking… ooh, I like that one. Then I’d see the next one and I liked that one too.Finally decided it’s either Leading Ladies or Twilight Kaleidoscope. {I think}

  294. Kathy Biggs Says:

    Fantastic block! I love kaleidoscope blocks/quilts but have never tried to make one. You have so many great patterns it’s difficult to pick one, but I really Changing Ways especially the layout 4 version.

  295. Cindy May Says:

    I LOVE your kalidaiscope symphony quilt pattern. Every color way you’ve shown on your site was beautiful. Cindy from MI

  296. Christine Huggins Says:

    this is one of my favorites!

  297. Carla G Says:

    I love your block! 🙂 My favorite quilt in your shop is Candy Jar and the colors you used are fabulous! 🙂

  298. Kylie C Says:

    I love the block- the kaleidoscope center makes it look more complex than it is! I would love to win the Ribbon Rings Pattern.

  299. PJB Says:

    I’d like to win the Kaleidoscope Symphony and the Qultmaker magazine. Thanks for all your beautiful quilts.

  300. Lynette Wilson Says:

    I love the block – beautiful quilts. I would like the Celebration Stonehenge pattern, the Kaleidoscope Symphony or the Quiltmaker 100 blocks – Vol. 7. Thanks for your generosity.

  301. Marilyn Teskey Says:

    Love your Twilight Kalidaiscope. I got to see it in person once (at Good Earth) and have always loved the drama of it.

  302. Peggy Says:

    very pretty!

  303. Jackie C Says:

    All your patterns are lovely, I especially love the twin size Garden Trellis.

  304. Betty H Says:

    I really enjoy playing with 4-patch kaleidoscopes also. I would love to win your Trellis Garden pattern. The new colorway is my favorite purple and green!

  305. C. Frost Says:

    Every one of your patterns is special. And the colors are awesome! I’m glad I found your website; I’ll be visiting often from now on. My choice of pattern would be QM 114.

  306. Pam M. Says:

    Celebration with Stonehenge is stunning!

  307. Julie B Says:

    Entwined QM129 was my favorite.

  308. Ruth Alf Says:

    Oh, how lovely! This is my first time to your website and your quilts are really stunning! I would love to win the book on the kaleidoscope patterns – and I would love to learn how to do them. Your color choices are also amazing. Thank you for a chance to win!

  309. Janice Park Says:

    I love how you used the 4-patch kaleidoscopes in your block, WOW ! I went and looked at your patterns and this is a hard choice to make but loved Leading Ladies.

  310. Nancy Says:

    Keyboard kaleidoscope is a pattern that I like. You have come up with some great ideas for using kaleidoscope blocks in quilts. Wow.

  311. Kim Perez Says:

    Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for a chance to win!

  312. Katherine Carter Says:

    Great all of them. Any would be special,but kaleidscope symphony

  313. Kathy Wagner Says:

    WOW…WOW…WOW!! Absolutely love your block. Kaleidoscopes have always fascinated me and you take them to a whole new level. It’s hard to choose a ‘favorite’ but I think either Trellis Garden or the Kaleidoscope Symphony would be up there! So glad I found your site!

  314. Cathlene Burk Says:

    Hi, I’m inspired by your patterns! Its hard to pick a favorite, but Tilt-A-whirl looks so fun, that would be the one I choose.

  315. Karen J. Says:

    This is hard. It’s between Twilight Kaleidoscope and Starlight. I will choose Twilight Kaleidoscope.

  316. Just J Says:

    I totally love your use of a kaleidoscope in the middle of your block. What a great way to use a large print fabric.

  317. Susan Says:

    I would like the Kaleidoscope Symphony book or the Trellis Garden or the Twilight Kaleidoscope patterns. It was hard to narrow it down.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  318. Brenda Rithmire Says:

    The kaleidoscope is beautiful, love the colors!!

  319. seamstobesew Says:

    They are all great, way to hard to have to choose. This is a beautiful pattern tho, I truly like it.

  320. Carol Schon Says:

    One of the things I like about this blog hop, is the exposure to designers that I am not familiar with. I am pleased to know how you make the 4 kaleidoscope. Hard to pick a favorite pattern — they all appealed to me, but … Keyboard Kaleidoscope would be my first choice.

  321. Mary Jo Says:

    Tilt A Whirl and Candy Jar are both beautiful!! I love them both!

  322. Lori S Says:

    The tilt a whirl pattern really caught my eye. Thanks for the chance to win.

  323. Steph Says:

    So many great choices: Entwined, Changing Ways, Ribbon Rings, Celebration…. I think…. Changing Ways.

  324. Pauline Sawatsky Says:

    Ribbon Rings looks very interesting

  325. karriesmith Says:

    I liked Trellis Garden and Twilight Kaleidoscope the best!!!

  326. Sandy Says:

    Love the block.

  327. Elaine M. Says:

    If I had to choose just one pattern, it would have to be Trellis Garden.

  328. Cathy Odle Says:

    Lots of ideas for my orphaned kaleidoscope blocks. Thank you.

  329. cnuland Says:

    Beautiful – I love all the versions of this pattern!

  330. Karen McManus Says:

    I love the spinning quilts at the top of this page with all the color and movement.

  331. empress223 Says:

    I love the kaleidoscope effect in your block, and would love to win Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7 magazine to have your creative block as well as those of 99 other creative people. Thanks for the chance.

  332. wigglypup Says:

    Love your block. I really love your tilt a whirl pattern. Thanks for
    the chance to win!

  333. BarbBee Says:

    I would love a chance to win the Quiltmakers 100 blocks volume 7!
    Your method of making the block is intriguing!! may need to give it a try!!

  334. Lavonna ZWB Says:

    Such a creative design! Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

  335. Julie in WA Says:

    I’m so glad to see a block using four patch posies! If I won a pattern, I would choose Starlight. It is gorgeous, with so many possibilities.

  336. Laura N Says:

    Like the quilt with the brown background. Also really like the Kaleidoscope Symphony quilt.

  337. Deb W Says:

    I have made and taught several of your patterns. I really enjoy the process and find it to be addicting! I look forward to making this block!

  338. Beverly Caldwell Says:

    Love your “Twilight Kaleidoscope” pattern.
    Would love to win the Quiltmakers 100 block, vol. 7, book.
    Your block featured in it is exceptional.

  339. Bev D Says:

    Wonderful block! I love four patch kaleidoscope patches.

  340. Judy P Says:

    Love your ring toss pattern, but also like this pattern in the new volume. Thanks for the chance to win,

  341. Donna Phelps Says:

    Love the Kaleidoscope Block you have designed and in the Love Flows with cream background fabric line. I have seen this block in another fabric line and colorway and loved it there as well. What a wonderful,versatile block. Just beautiful.

  342. Cathryn H Says:

    I’d love to win your “Kaleidoscope Symphony” book. I’ve seen it and it’s too fantastic. Didn’t buy it when I should have and now I can’t find it.

  343. Diana Says:

    Neat block, thanks for the giveaway

  344. Kay Says:

    I’d love to win “Metro”. Love your block in the book.

  345. Terri E Says:

    I love your kaleidoscope block, so I would love to win your “Kaleidoscope Symphony” book.

  346. Mary J Says:

    I really loved the Kaleidoscope Block with the Garden of Enchantment fabrics.

  347. Shelley Says:

    Kaleidoscope Star is a stunning block. It was very hard to choose one of your patterns they are all beautiful. My favorite would have to be Kensington Kaleidoscope.

  348. Susan Says:

    Oh, how gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to make a quilt from a large repeating design. I even have a piece of fabric for it. It is difficult to choose from your generous choices. My first choice would be the book. However, I will be thrilled to win any one of them. Thank you for the giveaway.

  349. Liz Says:

    Was really hard to choose a pattern, because they are all delightful. I like QM109 Celebration the best.

  350. Pamela R in Leaburg Says:

    I liked the Kaleidoscope Twilight pattern.

  351. Ruth Says:

    I have admired kaleidoscope patterns for years, but never been brave enough to give it a go! Your Block is beautiful and the colours you use are stunning. Looking at your patterns, including table runners has really “wet my appetite”. My favourite pattern would be the Keyboard kaleidescope I love centre medallions. thank you for the inspiration!

  352. Ruth Hofmann Says:

    I’d like to make the Tilt a Whirl pattern, please.

  353. Pat C in Washington Says:

    I LOVE Check Out The Stars – just the sort of wild and crazy look I love. Thanks for the chance to win.

  354. Peggy Savage Says:

    I really like the a triple Twister pattern.

  355. Laura G. Says:

    I’ve debated buying the tilt-a-whirl in the past. I don’t remember if I’ve purchased it yet. I would have to select Metro because I really like the variety of size choices.

  356. Lovie Balll Says:

    Would love a copy of your Kaleidoscope Symphony book, have added it to my list. I love working with kaleidoscope blocks and mirror image blocks (4-patch kaleidoscope). Never thought about using for Twister blocks, will have to give Triple Twister a try. Of all your patterns my favorite is Trellis Garden.

  357. Debra Coleman Says:

    I would love to win Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 7 magazine so I could have all the wonderful blocks from everyone. You have many beautiful Kaleidoscope patterns on your web site. I also love your Twister patterns and your Check Out The Stars Pattern.

  358. Anita Says:

    I would love to win your Kaleidoscope Symphony book! Love your block 🙂

  359. Chris Campbell Says:

    I am a quilter from New Zealand. There were so many beautiful patterns on your web site it was difficult to choose my favourite. love you kaleidoscope block and especially the lovely vibrant colours you use. My favourite pattern is trellis garden

  360. Lisa B in AK Says:

    Your block and patterns are beautiful! I love the Kensington Kaleidoscope pattern.

  361. Andee in AZ Says:

    Very pretty block. Thanks for the chance!

  362. C Walker Says:

    I love the ribbon wreath pattern. That’s the one I would choose if I could. Thanks.

  363. Sandhya Karandikar Says:

    What a lovely Star Block. With each version it looks like a new block altogether.

  364. Pauline Kennelly Says:

    Just looked at all your patterns. You are one talented lady? I love the trellis garden and the step into the ring. You sure make kaleidoscopic look easy. I’d love to win one of your patterns. Thanks for the opportunity.

  365. Gaila C Says:

    I love the Trellis Garden Pattern. Very unique.

  366. Debbie Sipp Says:

    Very creative…I love the Kaliedoscope Symphony pattern. I need to try your twister ruler, I have it, just haven’t gotten to it!

  367. Lea Says:

    Starlight! Gorgeous pattern! I would love to make it for Christmas!

  368. Rebecca Says:

    I had a head-slap moment when I saw your 100-blocks design. Four-patch square kailedoscopes! I’ve seen them as hexies anad other multi-sided shapes but never squares. I can do that. Guess what I’m off to do right now!
    But not before drooling of the Turning Point pattern…

  369. Celeste Says:

    Very cool block.

  370. Ingrid Says:

    I loved your kaliedoscope block, so if I winn I would like a copy of your book.

  371. kathy arnstrom Says:

    love the combination of twisties and squares…….love your designs……keep having fun!

  372. Charlene S Says:

    I like your square version better than the stack and whack version. This I might try with guidance.

  373. Dana Says:

    Your block is so pretty, I like your Check out the Stars pattern, it’s beautiful. Thanks

  374. robinttttt Says:

    Twilight Kaleidoscope pattern. I love your choice of colors too.

  375. Sandra in Mississippi Says:

    Would love to win Among the Stars. Thank you for chance to win such great prizes. 🙂

  376. Darlene Says:

    Beautiful quilts.

  377. Kris S Says:

    Keyboard Kaleidoscope is spectacular. Your fabric choice makes it gorgeous.

  378. Kris Says:

    Beautiful patterns! Leading Ladies is lovely! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  379. Chris Says:

    I really like your Trellis Garden quilt. The Kaleidoscope is also wonderful. You have beautiful patterns!

  380. leanne Says:

    love your Kaleidoscope Star and it looks fabulous with the brown background – those stars really pop – thanks for the chance to win your giveaway too 🙂

  381. Nancy Says:

    I Love your Kaleidoscope patterns, but “Step Into The Ring” is probably my favorite. The 4 patch kaleidoscope are so much fun to put together. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pattern.

  382. Joyce in NC Says:

    I would love to try the Tilt-A-Whirl pattern. Thanks for the chance to win!

  383. Kathy L Says:

    Ring toss looks interesting. Your block technique is something I would love to try. Thanks for the chance to win.

  384. Marie P Says:

    I really liked Elegance. Thanks for the chance to win. Your site is great.

  385. Lyn M Says:

    What a nice block. I really like the tilt a whirl pattern.

  386. Donna Says:

    Just beautiful

  387. Cindy Wienstroer Says:

    the Twilight Kaleidoscope really speaks to me – I’m under it’s spell!

  388. Susan Griffith Says:

    WOW! I love your kaleidoscope patterns. My favorite is Elegance. I like the way the little pinwheels kind of make it sparkle.

  389. Nancyanne C. Says:

    I love the movement of the fabric in the quilts!

  390. Penny J Says:

    All your patterns are great. I’d be happy to win any of them. Thanks

  391. cheerychirp Says:

    I’m so happy to have found your patterns! I’d be happy to win any of them, but today Ring Toss really caught my attention!

  392. goonyburd Says:

    I like Celebration! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  393. Judy Says:

    Your kaleidoscope star is very pretty! You have so many beautiful patterns on your website. If I were to win I would choose the Kensington kaleidoscope pattern.

  394. SewLindaAnn Says:

    Love the patterns! Ribbon Rings in my fave and I’m bookmarking your site to get it. Love all the Kaleidoscope movement, it’s something I haven’t tried yet.

  395. Sheree Says:

    I just love the effect of the Kaleidescope on these blocks. Who would every thought that this could be done. Beautiful, just love them. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  396. Karen Jones9 Says:

    Symphony quilt is in my favorite colors

  397. Denise :) Says:

    GREAT block! I particularly liked it set in the brown background — very striking! 🙂

  398. Jane Says:

    What beautiful quilt blocks! So many times it’s a challenge to find a way to incorporate large scale prints into a quilt project. Your approach is fabulous! Can’t wait to give it a whirl!

    Thanks for the inspiration – –


  399. Marcia Henderson Says:

    So many choices! But I really liked Ring Toss.

  400. Helene Says:

    How does one choose what block to make next:) oh what fun it will be.

  401. Mary Walker Says:

    I love Kaleidoscope Symphony!

  402. Linda Lemons Says:

    i love them all, bit i would love to win twilight kaleidoscope!

  403. Lisa Garrett Says:

    I love the kalidescope block!

  404. 2000nana Says:

    Twilight Kaleidoscope is also my choice for a pattern. All your blocks are lovely.

  405. Megan McConn Says:

    These colors remind me of English garden prints, with a twist. I can think of a few family members that would LOVE these!

  406. Denise Finucane Says:

    Kaleidoscope Symphony is my favourite. I made a 4-patch kaleidoscope by accident once, but hadn’t thought to plan for them!

  407. Kathleen Wood-Kaiser, Zur Hardt 15, 54595 Weinsheim, Germany Says:

    You’ve made so many wonderful patterns, but I think I like tilt-a-whirl best. I’ve only done one kaleidoscope quilt & it’s still in my UFO pile, but you patterns are very inspirational.

  408. Cindy Hamilton Says:

    Love yoKaleidoscope Star block! Would be thrilled to win any of your patterns but your book would be my first choice

  409. Barbara Says:

    It’s a very hard decision of which pattern I would like to win. The table topper is wonderful. But my first choice is the Queen sized Garden of Enchantment floral. You do great inspiring work!

  410. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ Says:

    I love your Triple Twister. I have the Lil Twister template but haven’t tried it yet. Your pattern is just wonderful.

  411. KathyK Says:

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions and the winner is Changing Ways. Patterns *& book are great. Thanks.

  412. patwade Says:

    I love your Celebration pattern for Stonehenge fabrics. I realize that Stonehenge has been designed for use as an accessory with many fabric lines, but I really enjoy using it on it’s own. I think it has a richness that is very grand.

  413. Barbara Watson Says:

    I’ve known for awhile that when you want your borders you should cut the length of them first, but splitting the fabric down the middle is great. Now I can cut correctly for them and fear being short.

  414. deannadodson Says:

    Ooooh, pretty! I love Ribbon Rings and Entwined and Celebration. 😀

  415. Amy M. Says:

    Love seeing the way the design looks in the differing colorways. That is always fascinating to me.. ( and informative)

  416. Pat V. Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the new 100 Blocks. I love your patterns; Twister Illusion is currently on my to-do list!

  417. Karen Says:

    Soooo hard to choose…but, I love the pattern: Check out the Stars!!! Love the color choices as well…:) Thanks!!

  418. lj Says:

    I love the twisters. I have checked them out at keepsake quilting. Would love to win the bundle! Thanks for the opportunity!

  419. Deb Says:

    I love the Kaleidoscope block, the colors selected are beautiful too!

  420. Julie Says:

    Dear Marilyn, Your Kaleidoscope Symphony Book would be wonderful to win! All of your patterns are so pretty. Thank-you

  421. timberlandsjs Says:

    I love Check out the Stars!

  422. physicsmom Says:

    I’d love to receive your “Kaleidoscope Symphony” book. I’ve used the four-patch kaleidoscope block in several quilts; I love it and it’s so much fun to make. Your patterns, however, take this great block to another level entirely. Thanks for participating in the Blog Hop. I’m so glad I was directed to your site

  423. Trudy Palmateer l Says:

    I currently have my Belle Kaliedoscope entered in the Sauder Village Quilt Show in Archbold, Ohio. I loved the pattern and my quilt turned out so nice I was encouraged By many people to enter it in the show. It’s my first entry in a show and I’m very proud of it. I would love to do another Kaliedoscope block quilt. I would love the Kaliedoscope Symphony pattern if I’m chosen. Thank you and keep the great patterns coming.

  424. Barbara Says:

    Love the purple and green fabrics together.

  425. Carol Kuse Says:

    I am fasinated by some of your versions of your block.

  426. Gwen W Says:

    Fun patterns! I’d like to try Turning Point or Tilt-A-Whirl.

  427. Charlotte Betts Says:

    Love your block….I really enjoyed looking at your patterns. I think that Twilight Kaleidoscope is my favorite.

  428. Amy Lause Says:

    Just LOVE the Tilt-A-Whirl block. It has such a contemporary look. I could totally see this integrated with my Kaffe Fassett and other bright fabrics. Thanks for creating these wonderful blocks!

  429. Jamie Todhunter Says:

    Wow what a lot of great patterns. I had a hard time picking just one, but I think I would like to win the triple twister pattern. Your lock is really great and I like the different examples in the post.

  430. Gwen Sadler Says:

    Absolutely LOVE this block. Thanks for showing the different color ways.

  431. Andrea Harles Says:

    Kaleidoscopes are so much fun

  432. kwiltnkats Says:

    Starlight would be the pattern for me! Thanks for allowing me an opportunity for one of your patterns. Sandi

  433. Donna Bacon Says:

    Love all of your patterns … but afraid they are above my skill level. I really like the very elegant trellis garden, but the Triple twister, I think is the one for me.

  434. Anita Says:

    Love your block 🙂

  435. Robyn Conners Says:

    Oh wow, to choose just one is very difficult, beautiful patterns, but as someone else said they are above my skill level even though I just started quilting and am working on an intermediate level pattern. If I did have to choose just one it would be Ribbon Rings, but I like Catch Me as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  436. WyoDi Says:

    Among the Stars or Metro, but what a difficult choice.

  437. SoSew Says:

    Like the Kaleidoscope Star block, and the Tilt-A-Whirl pattern looks fun!

  438. Sandy W. Says:

    Tilt A whirl or Check Out the Stars would best suit my skill level. Your purples in the new block are so vibrant. Congratulations on the design.

  439. Carol Deagle Says:

    It is a very nice block. It looks like it would be fun to make

  440. Jude Says:

    Congrats on having your block in a national magazine! It’s a winner!

  441. Katherine Carter Says:

    your block was amazing, what an honor!

  442. Tami Chaulk Says:

    I really like your block and the wall hanging using the Love Flows collection where you used cream for the background. I have several large print fabrics in stash that I received as a gift. As yet, I haven’t found something I want to use them on. I think using your “4-patch kaleidoscopes” in my block centers and borders would make a beautiful quilt. I would love to win Vol 7 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks!

  443. Elaine Says:

    Awesome! Love your block.

  444. Carol Berge Says:

    Love love your block. Congrats for getting in issue #7. Thanks for the chance to win this issue. So looking forward to getting the magazine so I can make your block.

  445. ksl5343Kathy Says:

    I have never attempted the kaleidoscope pattern but reading through your posting has certainly peaked my interest. I would try any of your patterns – they are all so beautiful!

  446. bjhbarb Says:

    Love the colors in the kaleidoscope block!

  447. Carolyn Mills Says:

    I just love the kaleidoscope star, and especially the purple quilt

  448. Karla Says:

    Such beautiful blocks! I have your kit for the Garden of Enchantment quilt but have not started it yet. Every time I see it it still takes my breath away! Your Kaleidoscope Symphony Book would be a lovely addition to my books. I also really love the pattern Elegance #QM121. I am also a lover of large prints. They get swallowed up in some patterns but your patterns make them just say WOW. I have a Quilt Moments Brochure and also really love the pattern that says its on the back of the book – MQ501. Loved your presentation at our guild meeting.

  449. Marcia Lasiter Says:

    Thanks for the chane to win. I really like your Elegance pattern.

  450. Nancy Sue Says:

    You are a pattern designing SUPERSTAR!!! They are amazing. I love Starlight, with Ringtoss a strong second. They are all wonderful! Kudos to you on your block for the issue!!

  451. Tania Says:

    Just GORGEOUS! I’m not sure which prize I would choose, what a dilemma!!

  452. pat sprengel Says:

    wow, what dramatic settings for this intricate block

  453. Shannon Says:

    I love all of your patterns. The way you make the center block is so pretty. I would like to win all of them but I would like Turning Point. It is so cool. I love your block. Thank you!

  454. ritainalaska Says:

    i like your trellis garden pattern … gorgeous! thanx for the chance to win your pattern.

  455. Carol C Says:

    I used to do the ‘Stack N Whack’ patterns, but have just found this 4 block set and am anxious to get going on it. I bought some beautiful fabric today and excited about this new way to do the kaleidoscope. I really like your pattern Kaleidoscope Star #664 and thank you for an opportunity to take a chance on winning one.
    Carol C

  456. Travel visas Says:


    Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 7 Blog Tour |

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