Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 9 Blog Tour

Thank you for visiting Quilt Moments’  blog.  I am so excited to be included once again in the fabulous Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine and join in the fun blog tour with my fellow block designers.  Volume 9 hits newsstands May 6th.  Today I’ll share some ideas on how to use my block and give you a chance to win several goodies.   Keep reading to the end to see what you could win!


My block, Pinwheel Polka #866, is shown on page 58 of the magazine.  I love using large print fabrics in my quilts and often put what I call “4-patch kaleidoscopes” in my block centers which are made from sets of four identical squares.  For this block, instead of using squares, I used four matching rectangles and made stitch n’ flip corner with black squares to create the pinwheel effect.

Foreman #866 Quiltmaker100BlkVol9

I made the block using  the large black and white floral from the Nouveau Rouge collection designed by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures shown below.  Would you like a chance to own some of this fabric?  Keep reading…..


Here is an image of what a twin size quilt looks like using 12 blocks set on point with an easy alternate block and 5″ wide border of the feature floral print.

Pinwheel Polka #866 Twin Quilt Foreman

The large print shown on the border is what is used for all the 4-patch block centers.
I have many patterns and a book featuring this easy technique which you can see on my website, but
here are the construction highlights:
1) Cut or rip a piece of large print fabric containing at least 4 fabric repeats lengthwise down the middle and save one of these pieces for the wide borders
2) Cut out and layer four identical pieces of the fabric following the design repeat and pin around the perimeter with flathead pins carefully capturing the same motif through all fabric layers
3) Rotary cut strip sets 3-1/2” wide and then sub-cut them into 3-1/2” x 6-1/2″ rectangle sets. (Usually square sets, here rectangle sets)
4) Take a rectangle set, and rotate the four identical rectangles to create a 4-patch rectangle kaleidoscope. With the rectangles, you have two  different rotation options so you can choose your favorite look!

One of my favorite Quilt Moments patterns that uses both 4-patch rectangles and 4-patch squares is Tilt-A-Whirl (QM103).  In this pattern I use smaller blocks finishing 8″.  Here is a version using the black and white butterfly print shown below.

8054-J 72dpi


QM103 Tilt-A-Whirl with Flor D'Luna

I never get bored trying out different fabrics with the easy 4-patch kaleidoscope technique since it always yields fun surprises.  Who would have imagined that using this simple butterfly print with 4″ butterflies could create such cool effects in the blocks?

QM103 Tilt-A-Whirl with Flor D'Luna CLOSEUP


Have fun choosing a large print to make your own block.  Florals work great, but you can also use novelty prints and kids’ prints.  My examples today feature black & white fabrics, but of course you can choose from a whole rainbow of colors!  Adding easy “4-patch kaleidoscopes” to the center of blocks is a fun way to spice up your blocks so give it a try!

I love sharing my quilts during trunk show talks and teaching classes at quilt shops and quilt guilds, so I was thrilled when Sandy Fogarty of Quilters Quarters in North Carolina invited me to teach on a quilting cruise next year!

I’m excited to share the news that I’ll be the featured teacher on Quilters Quarters Quilting Cruise  on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Sea’s Caribbean cruise February 22 – March 1, 2015.  I’ll be teaching classes showing my kaleidoscope techniques during the days at sea and enjoying the many cruise activities and adventures at the ports of call.  Please come join us on this great adventure!  We all experienced a very LONG winter, especially here in Minnesota, so wouldn’t you love to make plans for a warm trip next winter?!  You can find all the information and reserve a spot here.

Now for the goodies.  Leave a comment on this post by midnight Sunday, May 4th, for a chance to win a copy of the new Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 9 magazine, or a 3 yard cut of the beautiful Nouveau Rouge floral print featured in my block.

For a second chance to win, please “like” Quilt Moments on our new Facebook page and leave another comment letting us know you liked us:)

Then remember to visit Quiltmaker and all the other blogs for more entertainment and chances to win prizes.

Enjoy all your quilt moments!



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  1. wbert4 Says:

    I’ve always been frightened of using large scaled print in quilts…..you’ve given me the courage to try!!! Thanks xo

  2. Chris Says:

    Large scale prints can be a challenge but you do it so well. I love your patterns. So much fun to sew. Thanks for the challenge.

  3. Chris Says:

    Oh yes I like your FB page.

  4. Julie B Says:

    Love the second quilt with the butterfly fabrics.

  5. Jitka Says:

    I like it on FB.
    Thank you for your story and giveaway.

  6. Suzanne Says:

    Beautiful block. I have a large scale print that I would love to use for this!

  7. Beth T. Says:

    It’s great to see large scale fabrics shine, and your block helps them do that.

  8. Anita Says:

    I like the butterfly fabric better in the block.

  9. Melissa-lynn Says:

    Wow love the kaleidoscope effect but never have the courage to try…your 4 patch technique looks much easier!! Thank you!

  10. Melissa-lynn Says:

    I liked you on facebook as well for more inspiration!

  11. Cindy K Says:

    I love your block and fabric….I am going to have to try the 4-patch kaleidoscope technique. I am seeing so many possibility’s in my head right now. I have so many novelty prints that I would try to use with this…oh so cute. Thank you for the chance to win….oh and have lots of fun on your teaching cruise…sounds like fun.

  12. Susan in OK Says:

    Congrats on another publish. This technique is amazing. I can see that you never get tired of new tries. This looks like a day(s) of fun, fun, fun. Thanks for the giveaways.

  13. Susan in OK Says:

    I’m following you on Facebook now. I looked at more of your designs. Wow!

  14. Joyce Mitchell Says:

    I love pinwheel blocks & your new block is amazing. Thanks for sharing & thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Joyce Mitchell Says:

    I liked Quilt Moments of FB – thanks again.

  16. Lisa Marie Says:

    I love your block and doing the kaleidoscope in the center really makes it special! There are so many lovely large prints available now that would be great with this technique.

  17. Mary Frakes Says:

    What a wonderful block. I especially like the butterfly pinwheels. Beautiful.

  18. Mary Frakes Says:

    Liked your Facebook page.

  19. Garnet Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity and for sharing your genius with we challenged ones “) Must try your technique soon. Loved seeing all your quilts on FB too.

  20. Gina S. Says:

    Wow, love this idea for using large scale prints!

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  22. Donna Says:

    Very interesting method and so fun to see all the possibilities!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. bjday68 Says:

    I love the contrast of the red, black, and white in your block. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. bjday68 Says:

    I liked your FB page!

  25. Bev Gunn Says:

    Interesting block-neat secondary effect with the settings shown!

  26. Debi Horne Says:

    I love large floral prints too, but your block looks so elegant. It goes to show what creativity can do with something as simple as a pinwheel. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Debi Horne

  27. Carol Stearns Says:

    I love this block! And would love to win!

  28. Allison Evrard Says:

    Your block is beautiful. I haven’t yet gotten comfortable with using large prints, but I’m getting there.

  29. Allison Evrard Says:

    I “like” your Facebook page, too!

  30. Carol Kussart Says:

    What a beautiful block! I have been wanting to make some blocks using your technique but haven’t done so yet. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!

  31. Denise W Says:

    Love the block. Great colors, black, white, and red very bold and vibrant! I hope one day to be able to think outside the box!

  32. tonwheeler101 Says:

    Congratulations on being chosen to have your creation published in the new issue. I love the black, red and white colors, makes your block pop!

  33. vwlady54 Says:

    Really great block & wonderful choice of fabric…really makes a bold statement!

  34. vwlady54 Says:

    I’m a new “like” on FB, too!

  35. Kris S Says:

    Thanks for the demo. It really provides some beautiful options within the block. Congratulations on being included in the 100 Blocks magazine.

  36. Kris S Says:

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  37. Sherry V Says:

    I like your block. I enjoy working with large scale prints and finding blocks that can feature them.

  38. debbierhodes Says:

    Love the block interesting use of large prints.

  39. Elaine Says:

    Working with large scale blocks can be either fun or frustrating but as you have shown they make up into really nice blocks.
    I think B & W can be difficult to work with but after seeing your blocks I may have to try it again.

  40. jenetamasson Says:

    I have mostly avoided large scale prints so far! I like the red, black and white combination.

  41. Buggy Says:

    Twilight Kaleidoscope QM117 currently graces my bed. Made from the original Northcott fabrics. It is absolutely stunning! I could easily enjoy making another 4patch kaleidoscope or possibly teaching this method to my 275 member quilt guild at an RV park in Arizona next winter. They would love it. Now if I just had 3yards of large scale fabric!! hint, hint???

  42. Cindy Says:

    You make it look so good using large prints I am going to have to try this. Thanks for a chance to win.

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    This block is so great for novelty and fav. fabrics. It would make up so well for kiddies quilts. Thanks for the contest.

  50. sjhughson1 Says:

    And I like you on FB.

  51. doreen Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win Volume 9! Your block is totally awesome! How creative

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    I love the different effects you achieved with the butterfly print. Black and white prints are starting to become my favorites!

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    LOVE this block and will be giving it a try on some of the big print fabrics I’ve been hoarding, ummm, I mean “saving” for just such an opportunity 😉

  58. cwienstroer Says:

    You have given me ideas on how to use large beautiful prints that I just wasn’t sure what to do with. Thanks for the ideas and great block. Cindy

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    A beautiful use of large scale prints. I’m definitely going to make this.

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    Lets here it for matching 4 patches instead of the 8 in a stack and wack!

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    Love this block. Thank you for giving the instructions because I was having a heck of a time figuring out how you did it.

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    What a fun block! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

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  73. empress223 Says:

    Marilyn, I’m so happy to discover your blog through this hop. Love your Pinwheel Polka–pinwheels were fun when I was a kid and I still love them now.

  74. 4mandk Says:

    The use of the black and white fabric in these quilts makes them mesmerizing. It’s now on my list of too do’s.

  75. Lori Smanski Says:

    congrats, what a lovely block, your color choice is great

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    In that first quilt, the pinwheels look ready to spin. Very fun ( :

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    Love pinwheels, but never would have thought to use large-scale fabric. Love your block. Also liked your Facebook page.

  80. utahoosier Says:

    Wow! What a great idea. I love how you use those large print fabrics. I think I need your book and then a run to the fabric store!! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing. Congrats on getting your block and quilt into the publication. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  81. Jacqueline Gates Says:

    I love the butterfly quilt. How beautiful. Everyone seems to want a black and white quilt this year.

  82. eswatniki Says:

    Congrats on inclusion in the new book. Your block is lovely!

  83. Nancy Kozak Says:

    You make those large prints tame. I enjoyed your explanation.

  84. Barbara Dawson Says:

    I really like seeing a red,black,and white square. I am looking for one for a guy. Our school colors are black and red. My son wants one for his room. He is only 29. lol

  85. bobbiesews Says:

    Love the block and the technique has always intrigued me. Maybe in my retirement this year I can do this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. Rose Says:

    Very cool block. Congrats and thanks for the chance to win.

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    Great block. Have never done a kaleidoscope quilt before, but it is on my bucket list.

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  89. Diane Kennedy Says:

    I too have looked longingly at the beautiful large scale fabric at my local quilt shop wondering how to incorporate it into my quilting without loosing the fabric pattern. This is a great technique to try! Thanks.

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    wow! that fabric cut up that way makes some gorgeous blocks. thanks for the giveaway.

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    I love bright, bold fabrics and this one definitely makes your block pop! Beautiful and interesting at the same time.

  106. Quilter in Motion Says:

    I love the 4-patch squares and with the stripes it’s extra special. Thank you! I also love the 100 Blocks Quiltmaker volumes so great prize. marsha(dot)hodgkins(at)yahoo(dot)com

  107. Valerie S Says:

    First, thank you for the giveaway offer. What a cool block & layout. The fabric is luscious too! I love big prints.

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    Great use of the large bold prints!
    Have a wonderful cruise!

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    Love the new block in this issue. I’m currently working on quilting Midnight Blues from Fall 2013 Quilts from Quiltmakers 100 Blocks. I love how easy it went together.

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    Like large scale prints but then never use them, maybe your block will be the incentive I need

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    OK, another technique to add to my bucket list! It’s fascinating how each block ends up being different! but of course, you knew that already… I’ll go to Facebook and “like” your page once I get home. I can’t use FB from my work computer, even at lunchtime.

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    giveaway. I would love to win either the magazine or the fabric.

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  190. Sherry Says:

    I’m always intimidated by large scale prints, your block makes it look easy.

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    Follow you on FB

  214. Pam Says:

    Love your block and color choices. Thanks for the chance to win.

  215. Melody Says:

    Your block gives me a few inspiring ideas!

  216. farmquilter Says:

    Oh, I love your block!!! And the fabric you used…YUM!!! I can totally see why it was included in this year’s magazine!!!

  217. farmquilter Says:

    Farm Quilting likes you on facebook 🙂

  218. marta Says:

    great block and the fabric too..thank you……..marta

  219. Judy Prince Says:

    Like your block and the fabric that you have shared today.

  220. mary Says:

    surprising block design ! I want to try !!!!!

  221. Shar Says:

    I like your Facebook page.

  222. Shar Says:

    It’s nice when you find a block that can be so fun to play with. Thanks for the giveaway!

  223. jskbloomers Says:

    Large prints have always scared me but your block looks fun to make! Gonna have to try this. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  224. Elaine Gates Says:

    Love the red, black and white together. Makes me happy . And the cruise sounds wonderful.

  225. Peggy Savage Says:

    What a great block. Thanks for the opportunity to win the magazine or fabric.

  226. Lori L Says:

    I love the fabric you used in the block. The block is also very cool. Would love to win some yardage.

  227. Amy Says:

    Wow, do I ever have some large scale prints that would be so interesting in this block design…thanks for that! LOVE the 100 Blocks issue!

  228. Vivian Says:

    I love the stack and wack quilts. I just need to remember to save some of the fabric for the borders.

  229. Penny Says:

    I can’t wait to try this! Love the black and white style and I usually pass up large scale prints so this will give me a chance to try some!

  230. Barbara Williams Says:

    I love your use of large scale patterns. They have always scared me because I don’t know what to do with them.

  231. Andee in AZ Says:

    I like this block…very modern and I love that it makes different designs depending on how you set it!

  232. Margaret Higgins Says:

    I have never done a large block. I am fairly new to quilting. Yours turned out beautiful

  233. Barbara Williams Says:

    I liked you on FB. It’s cold in S.Dakota also.

  234. Janet T Says:

    Love you designs. I like you on facebook.

  235. Linda Says:

    Congrats on another publish. Thanks for the chance to win.

  236. Sharlene B Says:

    Love the butterfly fabric!Very elegant looking design.

  237. Cathy Remus Says:

    I love your blocks! The fabric is awesome too!

  238. Cathy Remus Says:

    I liked you facebook page too and am going right back to browse some more!

  239. Cecilia Says:

    Great block! I’ve always been afraid to use large scale prints, but seeing your block has changed my mind. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. Congratulations on being included in the magazine again.

  240. Cecilia Says:

    I like Quilt Moments on Facebook.

  241. Lee Says:

    Congrats to you! I love the pinwheel butterflies!

  242. Sandy A in St. Louis Says:

    I love these magazines! They are so inspirational and FUN to look through. Congratulations on having a block in this one.

  243. Sandy A in St. Louis Says:

    Oh, and I like you on Facebook now!

  244. Nancy Says:

    That is a pretty fabric and I would love to own a piece. Off to like you on Facebook.

  245. Brenda Travis Says:

    Love your block and the fabric you used. I love large print fabric and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

  246. Liz Engman Says:

    Thanks for the tutorial on your lovely block–I do like black, white and red! Lookiing forward to trying this block out.

  247. Laura McFall Says:

    Beautiful block – thanks for the preview tutorial. Looking forward to getting the issue and trying them all out!

  248. Lee Ann L. Says:

    This is a very striking block.

  249. Lee Ann L. Says:

    I like your facebook page. 🙂

  250. Sherrie Long Says:

    Love your block and turorial! Congrats on having your block placed in the book! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  251. cdahlgren2013 Says:

    I “missed” the Kaleidescope craze, and am hoping it comes back as I love the quilts you made with the one block design.

  252. Sherrie Naquin Says:

    I liked you on FB page Quilt moments! Oops typed wrong last name in previous post

  253. cdahlgren2013 Says:

    I liked your facebook page.

  254. Maureen Says:

    What a great block! The possibilities are endless with this one. Thanks for a chance at the give-away.

  255. Renata Says:

    I like your choice in fabrics. Makes the block shine

  256. Karen Dumont Says:

    How fabulous would it be to win the floral fabric??? Or issue #9???
    Absolutely fabulous!!!!!

  257. judy Says:

    Love the great fabrics!
    Sorry, I’m probably the only person on the planet that doesn’t do facebook!

  258. Ann Flower Says:

    Love the big prints and what they can do for a quilt.

  259. Deb Says:

    Would love to win that beautiful fabric! Congrats on being in the new block book!

  260. sandy Says:

    Very unique block and it is beautiful done up with the black white and red floral.

  261. Jane Walker Says:

    This technique has intrigued me for quite a while….this may be the time to try it!

  262. Janine Marie Says:

    What a neat way to use large scale prints!

  263. Andresa Says:

    Wonderful technique… it would definitely help me get over my fear of using large prints.

  264. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful quilt, and nice story. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  265. Nancysue Says:

    I love how you make a complicated- looking block, easy to put together. You’re so sneaky!!! Love it!

  266. Nancysue Says:

    I liked you over on Facebook as Nancy Sue Bevis Phillips. Kudos again on your block!

  267. Steph Says:

    Nice block, and nice explanation of the technique. Might have to give this one a try.

  268. Kathy W Says:

    I love kaleidoscope blocks… can’t wait to try it with rectangles. Fantastic block.

  269. Cathryn Says:

    What an amazingly versatile block!

  270. SewCalGal Says:

    Your design is really inspirational. And that fabric print is perfect for it too.


  271. patwade Says:

    Thanks for the fabric offer. The block looks interesting

  272. sara Says:

    i am a huge fan of kaleidoscope blocks and your is beautiful!

  273. patwade Says:

    I have also liked you on Facebook.

  274. SewCalGal Says:

    I liked your new Facebook page. The quilts in your profile picture are gorgeous.


  275. Liz Says:

    Like your use of stacked fabric

  276. Kathy h Says:

    Great block. I always like a block that can make so many different quilts. The fabric you used is beautiful too.

  277. Linda Hubbard Says:

    A great block to use large prints. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of vol.9.

  278. Sherry Phillips Creech Says:

    I loved your block and the luscious fabric you used.

  279. Donna Amos Says:

    Your block pattern is great. I love the large scale print you used. Thanks for the giveaway

  280. Vicky Huey Says:

    I have always been intimidated by large prints but you have made it look so easy to manage. I can’t wait to try it!

  281. Pam S Says:

    Your block is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it! I love the print.

  282. Pam S Says:

    I liked your facebook page. Thanks again!

  283. Linda Dixon Says:

    I really love the fabric you chose for this block; nice and bold> Thats my motto also!

  284. Annmarie Says:

    I can see that is going to be a very useful block. Clever!

  285. Linda Michelle Wierenga Says:

    Wow… You are so talented… I am loving all these blocks… I can see this book is going to keep me very busy for a long time to come!! Thanks so much.. I’ll be following.

  286. Nancy Says:

    Your kaleidoscope quilt block is the type of quilting I like the best. Can’t wait to try using rectangles instead of squares and triangles.

  287. Karen Martin Says:

    Fun block–I’ve never tried this technique, but it looks like something I will have to try!

  288. Karen Martin Says:

    I’ve liked you on FB!

  289. Annie Says:

    The black white and red combination is really striking!

  290. Connie Cain Says:

    What a wonderful way to use the big prints! Love the color scheme also. 🙂

  291. Connie Cain Says:

    I also like your FB page. 🙂

  292. Doris Worthen Says:

    I have used a large scale print only one other time in a Stack and Whack quilt. I loved that pattern. I would love to win your large scale print fabric or the book.

  293. karriesmith Says:

    Congrats on your block!

  294. karriesmith Says:

    i liked your fb page-karrie smith

  295. Elaine M. Says:

    I absolutely love your quijlt patterns!

  296. greggcolson Says:

    What a beautiful block and such a great bold fabric to use for it. I’m new to quilting and hadn’t heard of or seem a kaleidoscope block until yesterday. Great effect and can’t wait to try it!

  297. Pamela Reim Says:

    great way to use some of those “cute but why did I buy it” fabric

  298. Laura Says:

    I love the use of the large prints. Thanks for the instructions on how to make this work. Someday I’ll be brave enough to try a kaleidoscope quilt. I’m adding this post to my Pinterest board to remember it for later.

  299. Clare Moore Says:

    Your technique sounds great and looking forward to trying it as I love your block.

  300. Clare Moore Says:

    Also liked on Facebook.

  301. Gwendolyn Clark Says:

    Love your fabrics.

  302. Lisa Rogers Says:

    I love pinwheels. Your block is great and the fabric is beautiful. I love the colors.

  303. Gloria S. Says:

    I love the Pinwheel Polka block – red, black and white are some of my favorite colors to work with.

  304. Barbara Young Says:

    What a great block – put this one on my need to make list. The fabric is great too. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  305. Barbara Young Says:

    Also liked you on Facebook. Love finding new places for ideas.

  306. VickiT Says:

    What a beautiful block and the fabric is such great color.

  307. robin Says:

    Love the way you use large scale prints in your design!

  308. sherrye55 Says:

    Always wondered how to use these large scale prints in the quilt and not just the border. Inspired!!!!

  309. Lyn Kaufmann Says:

    Fabulous block and the fabric works so well for it! Thank you for sharing the talent.

  310. Lyn Kaufmann Says:

    Following on facebook now.

  311. Lyn Kaufmann Says:

    Signed up for e-mail follow too! Thanks!

  312. Mary Says:

    That is really pretty in the large print fabric.

  313. Debbie Says:

    Love the Kaleidoscope quilts!

  314. Donna W Says:

    Fantastic block and love the fabric.

  315. Donna W Says:

    I “like” Quilt Moments on FB.

  316. Kathy Leake Says:

    Nice block! Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway.

  317. Michelle Klingaman Says:

    Love your block. I just learned the Kaleidoscope 4 patch at guild. Look forward to making a quilt using it.

  318. Michelle Klingaman Says:

    I have “Liked” Quilt Moments on Facebook

  319. Betty H Says:

    I love making 4-patch kaleidoscope blocks because they are so versatile. Love the fabric, your block and quilt are fantastic!

  320. Lisa McGriff Says:

    Beautiful Quilt block! Thanks for the chance to win!

  321. Around the Bobbin – Working on . . . Says:

    […] from Quilt Moments– Go check out Marilyn’s blog entry on the Quilt Moments blog for the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks blog tour. Psst, you might even win […]

  322. Teresa Says:

    Love the way you have made that.

  323. Leann Says:

    I love this block! I was one of the ‘testers’ for Vol 9 and this one was my favorite. I am doing it in different fabrics and making a quilt with this block.

  324. Pat V. Says:

    This is stunning. Thanks for sharing it!

  325. Pat V. Says:

    I love your patterns, and now I like you on FB, too!

  326. Linda cartwright Says:

    Love your block patterns, and choice of fabrics. Thanks for sharing!

  327. Gloria Bruce Says:

    Wow! thanks for the tutorial. I will follow you !!

  328. Vivian Says:

    Wow what a different way of doing things! I may have to try it now. Thanks and Congratulations.

  329. nancyangerer Says:

    I used a large print for the 1st time when I the one block wonder blocks. It was a lot of fun. Congratulations on getting a block in this edition.

  330. nancyangerer Says:

    I liked you on FB.

  331. Karen Wendel Says:

    Just bought Quiltmania, love your block, Ribbon Rings.

  332. dquilterguy Says:

    I like.. so simple and easy to piece.. my kind of block

  333. Lisa E Says:

    Great fabric choices in your block. My birthday is this week, so crossing my fingers.

  334. Janis T Says:

    I like Quilt Moments on FB!

  335. Janis T Says:

    Great tutorial, I look forward to trying it out, thanks!

  336. gussek Says:

    Beautiful block! I liked you on Facebook. Thanks

  337. Karen Says:

    I love your pinwheel! Great possibilities using different types of fabrics.

  338. Joyce Carter Says:

    I really love your pinwheel block. I haven’t used a lot of large scaled fabrics before, but now I can see so many possibilities. Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations .

  339. Cheryl milton Says:

    I love your patterns! Always looking for new ones.

  340. Susie De Soto Says:

    Simply beautiful. I love how the pattern can be combined into a kaleidoscope in so many ways

  341. Janet Mercer-Ciravola Says:

    Love the block! Wonder what it would look like scrappy? Liked you on Facebook

  342. mblittle5 Says:

    Very cool block.

  343. Debra Kay Neiman Says:

    Love your block. I am making my Second black, white and red wedding quilt now. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  344. Debra Kay Neiman Says:

    New follower on your facebook page. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  345. arlette Says:

    Your block’s super cute!!!

  346. genipickens Says:

    Love your block and your fabric choice is awesome!!

  347. genipickens Says:

    Follow on facebook.

  348. Tina C Says:

    Of all the pinwheel blocks I’ve seen, this one is most unique. I love it!

  349. Debbie P Says:

    Your designs are fun and fresh! I will definitely be trying one 🙂 Thanks for offering the give away 🙂

  350. Judy Currie Says:

    Love your block & that you go for it with the large prints. Thanks for the chance to win .

  351. Pam C Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Yes, you can create some interesting affects with these blocks.

  352. Sarah Says:

    That is just a gorgeous black, white, and red print!

  353. Marly Says:

    I love your pinwheel polka, it’s so dynamic.

  354. Marly Says:

    I just “liked” you on facebook.

  355. Jeanne in Ohio Says:

    Very inventive block! Thanks for the giveaway.

  356. Rhonda Says:

    Gorgeous block. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  357. Sharon B. Says:

    Love your kaleidoscope blocks! Some late nights have happened because I want to make “just one more” to see how it comes out! Thanks for some fun quilting times!

  358. Sharon B. Says:

    I liked your FB page.

  359. Tabitha Keener Says:

    I was drawn to your block as soon as I saw it, very beautiful! The black and red really make it stand out! Thanks for the giveaway!


  360. Tabitha Keener Says:

    I liked your Facebook page! Thanks


  361. minibea12 Says:

    Great blocks. I especially like the way you used the butterfly fabric!

  362. minibea12 Says:

    Liked you facebook page: Nicole Sender!

  363. Crystal McPherson Says:

    I loveeeee these blocks!

  364. Carolyn Howland Says:

    I liked you on Facebook.

  365. Carolyn Howland Says:

    Your block is beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial.

  366. Laura Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  367. Kim Says:

    Love the kaleidoscope blocks!

  368. Kim Says:

    Liked your Facebook page!

  369. Betty Domal Says:

    I love red, white & black together.
    Would love to win. Thanks.

  370. Colleen Barber Says:

    I love your patterns and was lucky enough to catch you the first time you were in Willmar (I bought a lot of your patterns and one kit) but was in AZ this last time in February. Was so disappointed not to be able to be there. I’m addicted to your 4-patch kaleidoscope blocks and have fabric to use, but no black and white, which is so fascinating. I have done a couple of quilts and plan on doing more. Thanks for keeping me motivated and yearning for more! Thanks

  371. Gail Says:

    I love the Pinwheel Polka Quilt with the beautiful bold colors. I’ve seen a lot of large print fabrics but always wondered how to utilize them in a quilt. After seeing your quilt I’m ready to take on a new challenge.

  372. madeline wallace Says:

    I’m supposed to make a black and white quilt for a nephew, so your fabric would be a good place to start! That 4patch block variation sounds verrrry intriguing.

  373. Jamie Todhunter Says:

    I love the kaleidoscope patterns and how they make an interesting quilt. Your block is great and I would never have thought to use black as a primary choose in the pattern. Thank you for a chance to win.

  374. Jamie Todhunter Says:

    I have liked your Facebook page.

  375. Smitty Luschen Says:

    The floral print is awesome! And congrats on your block!

    Smitty Luschen

  376. Barbara Lotthammer Says:

    Love the kaleidoscope blocks. Your patterns are easy to use. Keepit up.i

  377. Winners Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Blog Tour Drawing | Says:

    […] « Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 9 Blog Tour […]


    Love the twister shimmer quilt

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