Giveaway Day: 12 yard Fabric Kit, Book plus Pattern of Your Choice!

Hi fellow quilters,

I’m participating in the Giveaway Day organized by Sew Mama Sew.  Since I have lots of goodies and couldn’t decide on just one, I decided to include THREE great prizes in the bundle!  My giveaway includes a Twilight Kaleidoscope Kit with 12 yards of Robert Kaufman fabric, my Kaleidoscope Symphony book, and a Quilt Moments pattern of your choice.  The photo below shows my Twister Illusions pattern as an example, however, you can choose any one of my 40 patterns on the website.  All together, this bundle of goodies is worth over $175!

Giveaway QuiltMoments 2014-12-8

If you are visiting my blog for the first time, thank you and welcome.  My name is Marilyn Foreman of Quilt Moments patterns.  I live near St. Paul, Minnesota with my hubby and 3 school age kids.  I’ve been quilting for 18 years and started my pattern business 8 years ago soon after leaving my full-time job to spend more time at home with the kids.

I love all kinds of fabrics, especially brights, and my first passion is designing patterns containing easy four-patch kaleidoscopes which are made by chopping up beautiful large feature prints into simple strip sets of various widths and then sub-cutting them into square sets…no fussy cutting needed!  I also enjoy designing patterns for pre-cuts and scraps, patterns for panels, and patterns featuring the fun Lil’ Twister tool.

Here’s an example of some of the four-patch kaleidoscopes I made this weekend using the new Imperial Garden Blue fabric designed by Chong-a Hwang for Timeless Treasures.

Quilt Moments 4-Patch Kaleidoscopes Imperial Blue

Now, let’s talk about the goodies in the giveaway bundle and how to enter to win!

First, the Twilight Kaleidoscope kit with 12 yards of fabric.  My Craftsy class called “Quilted Kaleidoscopes” demonstrates my kaleidoscope process in detail, shows tons of fabric examples, and includes directions for four projects including two runners and two quilts.  The Twilight Kaleidoscope kit included in the giveaway is featured in the class.  Click here or on the photo below to see more information on the class.  The link gives you a 25% class discount.


Second, with the skills learned in the class you will be able to make any of my kaleidoscope patterns including the designs in my Kaleidoscope Symphony book, which is the next item included in the giveaway.  The book includes directions for 9 different blocks including optional kaleidoscope centers and contains many projects from topper and runner up to queen size.


Third, the giveaway includes a Quilt Moments pattern of your choice.  You choose your favorite pattern.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment picking your favorite Quilt Moments pattern so that I can include it in the prize bundle if you are the lucky winner of the giveaway!  You can scroll through all my patterns on my website.  The giveaway closes at midnight CST this Friday, December 12th so please leave your comment before then.

The winner is Mary Peterson!  Congratulations, your big bundle of goodies including the Twilight Kaleidoscope Kit, Kaleidoscope Symphony book, and your pattern choice Twister Illusions, will soon be on its way to you! Thank you so much to everyone for visiting my blog, participating in the SewMamaSew giveaway week and for all your wonderful comments.  Happy Holidays!

For an additional chance to win, not required, please sign up to follow my blog, like Quilt Moments on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and/or signup to receive email updates.  You can leave another comment letting us know how you follow Quilt Moments.

I would also appreciate it if you could share this giveaway info on your social media.

Have fun blog hopping and thank you to SewMamaSew for organizing this great event!


Until next time, enjoy all your quilt moments:)

Happy Holidays!


Quilt Moments



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760 Responses to “Giveaway Day: 12 yard Fabric Kit, Book plus Pattern of Your Choice!”

  1. Gina S. Says:

    I like the Tilt-A-Whirl pattern.

  2. Marcia Says:

    Always love your patterns and the color palette of the fabric bundle is gorgeous!

  3. Cecilia Says:

    Check out the Stars is my favorite, but all of your patterns are beautiful. I love the colors you use! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  4. Cecilia Says:

    I follow your blog via email.

  5. Martina Says:

    I really love Clare’s garden. Beautiful give away too! Not sure if you would send it overseas though…

  6. Regina Says:

    The patterns are all so wonderful – but Metro is catching my eye the most today. Of course ask me on another day and it may be different! Very nice!!

  7. Martina Says:

    I am a follower already with bloglovin’

  8. Anita Says:

    Very hard to choose, so many nice patterns! Changing Ways is my choice.

  9. Béatrice Says:

    I already follow you by email.

  10. Béatrice Says:

    I love Twister Shimmer 🙂

  11. Rochelle Says:

    They are all such lovely patterns. I think Ribbon ring is my favorite, today.

  12. Michele Timms Says:

    Beautiful prize package… someone is going to be in heaven winning your giveaway!! Your patterns are awesome and my favorite is Twilight Kaleidoscope.

  13. Michele Timms Says:

    I am following via email and Bloglovin’ – thanks for the extra chance!!!

  14. June Says:

    I like the charm bracelet pattern.

  15. pixiestitches Says:

    Twister Sparkler. Really hard to choose a favorite.

  16. pixiestitches Says:

    I get e-mail updates and like you on Facebook.

  17. Jen B Says:

    I’m in love with the Twister Sparkler pattern.

  18. dscline61 Says:

    I follow your blog by email!

  19. dscline61 Says:

    The patterns are all nice. I like Among the Stars best. Thank you for this great opportunity to win.

  20. Andrea Says:

    A very generous giveaway – thank you! I could only narrow it down to two, so if I happen to win it’s dealer’s choice. For me it’s Celebration and Twister Sparkler. Thanks again!

  21. wildfiresnow Says:

    I love both Charm Bracelet and Celebration. So hard to pick one!

  22. Jordan L Says:

    I follow you on IG @mylyons86

  23. Jordan L Says:

    I think I like the Swirl pattern the best!

  24. Donna W Says:

    So many choices, but I narrowed it down to Tilt-A-Whirl and Changing Ways. Thanks!

  25. Kate Says:

    Check Out the Stars!

  26. Kristi Says:

    There were so many beautiful patterns, it is difficult to choose a favorite. However, Blossom Bliss really caught my interest. Thanks so much for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway.

  27. Kristi Says:

    I follow your blog via email.

  28. quiltinspace Says:

    It was to choose just one but the one I chose was Trellis Garden.

  29. quiltinspace Says:

    I follow your blog by email and also on facebook.

  30. Chiska Says:

    Keyboard Kalaidascope would be my choice

  31. mumbird3 Says:

    Celebration at Stonehenge would be one of mine but really your patterns are stunningly lovely!!! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  32. mumbird3 Says:

    I liked you on Facebook! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  33. Marilyn Says:

    I love Candy Jar.

  34. amy Says:

    Tilt a Whirl is my favorite.

  35. amy Says:

    I follow on Bloglovin.

  36. Nancy Says:

    Tilt-A-Whirl is my favorite. Thanks for the great giveaway package!!!

  37. ZAnyMouse Says:

    So many lovely patterns to choose from, but Trellis Garden is one of my favorites!

  38. ZAnyMouse Says:

    Following on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Vicki H Says:

    Like Charm Bracelets. Thanks.

  40. Vicki H Says:

    I’m following your FB page.

  41. Sandy K Says:

    I love the Metro pattern. You have so many amazing patterns.

  42. JoyceLM Says:

    My favorite pattern is Tilt-A-Whirl. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  43. JoyceLM Says:

    I’m following your blog via email. Thanks again.

  44. Life on a Dirt Road/ Says:

    I love Check out the Stars. But being a new quilter I might ask for an easy pattern. 🙂

  45. Life on a Dirt Road/ Says:

    Oh, and I follow via wordpress.

  46. Jennifer Dewing Says:

    I must admit, this is my first time visiting your blog and I’m not sure I can pick just one pattern, for they are all so beautiful! I’ll narrow it down to 3, okay? 1. Twister Illusions 2. Metro 3. Tilt-a-whirl

  47. chanzy01 Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! My favorite pattern is Twlight Kaleidscope but since it’s included in the prize my next favorite is Celebrations.

  48. chanzy01 Says:

    I am now following you on Instagram, Facebook and signed up to receive your newsletter. Is that considered stalking mode or just not wanting to miss anything?

  49. Mary Jaworski Says:

    I like tilt a whirl.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  50. Jenny Says:

    Marvelous giveaway! I like the Charming Turnover Stars pattern, amongst many. Thanks for the chance.

  51. jmniffer Says:

    I am a new follower. Thanks for the extra chance.

  52. Sarah C. Says:

    Twister Illusions is a fav that is what drew me to this giveaway

  53. Sarah C. Says:

    liked on facebook

  54. Sallie Says:

    QM117 Twilight Kaleidoscope

  55. Jennifer Gleich Says:

    I really like Entwined!

  56. Jennifer Gleich Says:

    I now follow you on Facebook and on Instagram (JenGaile0927),

  57. Janie Says:

    Changing Ways would be my pick. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  58. Rose Says:

    Ok so many to choose from, I need to think about (can I please) They are all beautiful.

  59. Linda S. Says:

    I would love Marble Layercake.

  60. Janet T Says:

    I love the Twister Illusions pattern. It is beautiful!

  61. Janet T Says:

    I like Quilted Moments on facebook.

  62. Susan S Says:

    I loved them all. I would choose Among the Stars as my favorite. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  63. Betsy Says:

    Marilyn, I like twister illusions

  64. flutefishy Says:

    I like “Check out the stars.”

  65. nancyangerer Says:

    I follow your blog by email.

  66. nancyangerer Says:

    It was very hard to narrow my pattern selection. In fact I have written down 4 I really like, but I choose Kensington Kaleidoscope. It looks like fun to make.

  67. vetteklisa Says:

    I like Twister Tapestry the best. They are all gorgeous!

  68. mskhofhinn Says:

    I love the Metro pattern!

  69. paulineperry65 Says:

    Love your patterns and pick Kaleidoscope Keyboard as my favourite – the giveaway fabrics are awesome and I would love to use them to make this quilt.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  70. paulineperry65 Says:

    I follow you on Facebook and I get your newsletter

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  71. Sandy A in St. Louis Says:

    My favorite pattern is Trellis Garden. It sure was hard to pick, though!

  72. Sandy A in St. Louis Says:

    I receive your blog post through email notification!

  73. twocheekymonkeys Says:

    Love checkout the stars and turning point. 🙂

  74. Cindy Moores Says:

    My favorite pattern is Keyboard Kaleidoscope. I made it, finished it, quilted it, and LOVE it!!! It was so fun to make!!!

  75. cdahlgren2013 Says:

    Twister Illusions is the one I picked, but I really liked so many of them! I’m signed up for your Craftsy class, and hopefully after Christmas I’ll find time to watch it. cdahlgren at live dot com

  76. cdahlgren2013 Says:

    I follow you by email, instagram and Facebook already. cdahlgren at live dot com

  77. Cheri Says:

    So many beauitful patterns! Among the Stars would be my choice!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Cheri Says:

    I just joined to follow via email!


  79. Kat Says:

    I really like the ribbon rings pattern. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!
    Merry Christmas!

  80. Susan Says:

    Check out the Stars is stunning!

  81. Tammie Says:

    It was hard to pick a favorite but the red, white and blue Twister Sparkler just kept drawing me back.

  82. Tammie Says:

    I am following you on facebook.

  83. cindy oneal Says:

    turning point would be a nice pattern to try. Cindy

  84. cindy oneal Says:

    follow you with bloglovin. Cindy

  85. CeLynn Says:

    Oh my goodness,thank you for such a lovely giveaway! All your patterns are beautiful,but I love the Twister Illusions the best.

  86. Jayne Willis Says:

    Beautiful work! I love Tilt-a-Whirl! thank you for the chance to win!!

  87. Jayne Willis Says:

    following on istagram!

  88. maggielou Says:

    I love Step into the ring

  89. maggielou Says:

    I follow on instagram

  90. happyquiltingmelissa Says:

    Wow, I love the Ribbon Rings. So awesome!!

  91. happyquiltingmelissa Says:

    I follow on Instagram 😉

  92. Penny Says:

    I think I have to narrow it down to Ring Toss.

  93. Emily C Says:

    I love Kensington Kaleidoscope.

  94. Jessica Says:

    I like ‘Metro’. Thanks for the generous giveaway. 🙂

  95. barbara Says:

    love the tilt a whirl because I like whirly gigs!!!

  96. Kathy h Says:

    I really like, check out the stars.

  97. Susan Eckberg Says:

    I like Metro and hope I can learn skills to make it.

  98. Darlington Delights Says:

    I like the spinning wheel quilts

  99. PT in SC Says:

    I love your charm bracelets quilt pattern. Love the fabrics. Thanks,

  100. Angelia L. Says:

    All of your patterns are great…I really like the Charming Turnover Stars pattern.

  101. Linda S Says:

    i like the Belle Kaleidoscope pattern, so many possibilities.
    dragonfly9716 at yahoo dot com

  102. Katie Kennedy Says:

    That was hard to choose, but I think I like Tilt-A-Whirl the best. You are talented!

  103. Jake Says:

    TWISTER SPARKLER, I’ve wanted to make a twister quilt forever but just haven’t bought the template… I love all your twisters actually!

  104. Ariel Says:

    So many amazing patterns to choose from. I think my favorite would have to be the twister illusions (really I love all the twister ones but if I have to choose just one). Thanks for a great giveaway.

  105. Linda V Says:

    I love “Check out the Stars” Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. Linda V Says:

    I am a new follower of yours on FB. Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. Michelle Smith Says:

    I like triple twister

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  108. Deborah Says:

    I love the Twilight Kaleidoscope!

  109. Michelle Smith Says:

    I follow on instagram!

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  110. T Hays Says:

    I love the QM103 Tilt-A-Whirl pattern.

  111. T Hays Says:

    Following on Instagram

  112. cheryl Says:

    Wow, what a generous giveaway! Thanks! I now follow on FB.

  113. cheryl Says:

    You have a TON of amazing quilt patterns. It’s hard to choose just one, but my favs are ribbon rings, charm bracelets and coin bracelets! You choose! 🙂

  114. Kathy Wagner Says:

    WOW!! I just spent an hour going through all your wonderful patterns! Its hard to choose just one but I fell in love with the Trellis Garden! So gorgeous…

  115. Kathy Wagner Says:

    I am following you through email… love your designs!

  116. Susan the farm quilter Says:

    I follow you on facebook and I shared your post about this giveaway…I really didn’t want to because I would love to win the fabulous patterns and fabric, but it is Christmas time and I need to be good!!

  117. Susan the farm quilter Says:

    Twilight Kaleidoscope is gorgeous!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!!

  118. nita Says:

    They are all so beautiful! I’d choose Elegance 🙂

  119. Chris Says:

    I follow you through BL.

  120. Chris Says:

    I have most of your patterns. Tilt a whirl is fun.

  121. Christine M Says:

    I like your Check Out The Stars quilt. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  122. gussek Says:

    My favorite is also Check out the Stars. The colors just sing to me. Thanks

  123. gussek Says:

    I follow by email and on Facebook. By the way I also live near St Paul. I would love to know of any quilting groups near us. Do you ever go to to Bear Paw in White Bear Lake?

  124. Lisa E Says:

    I would have to pick “Twister Shimmer”. I saw it during the Kona Cotton blog hop!

  125. Tabitha Keener Says:

    I love Charm Bracelet or Twisted Sparkler! Their all beautiful it was hard to pick! Thanks so much!

  126. Katrin Says:

    I love Turning Points. Thanks!

  127. Tabitha Keener Says:

    I follow you by email, Facebook and instagram! Thanks so much!

  128. Susan Ikin Says:

    I like QM109 Celebration and Twilight kaleidoscope

  129. wowilikethat1 Says:

    Tilt a Whirl is my favorite. Thanks for the great giveaway. All the quilts are beautiful. (

  130. Nerida Says:

    Keyboard kaleidoscope is my favourite pattern just yummy

  131. Fran Bott Says:

    I like the Starlight Pattern.

  132. Fran Bott Says:

    I follow on Instagram as grammygeek.

  133. Faith Newkirk Harris Says:

    Pick just one? R U Kidding? Ok, if I have to, I’ll pick Candy Jar.

  134. Lisa Marie Says:

    Lots of gorgeous patterns! My top choice would be Changing Ways. Thanks for a chance at this wonderful prize!

  135. buntyw Says:

    So hard to choose!!
    Maybe Ribbon Rings

  136. buntyw Says:

    Following you on facebook

  137. Julie Says:

    I like Blossom Bliss. They all are great. Thanks for the opportunity.

  138. Alison Says:


  139. Lynne Says:

    Metro is my favorite. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  140. Jackie Says:

    I really like your patterns. I picked Charming Turnover Stars. Thanks!

  141. Kristin S. Says:

    Good morning, Marilyn — from way over in Buffalo, Minnesota! 🙂 Ribbon Rings is my favorite. Lots of possibilities!

  142. Kristin S. Says:

    New follower on Instagram. (I’m Missenota there.)

  143. Janice Says:

    You are spoiling us, or at least one of us. If I am the lucky one, I would like the Tilt-a-Whirl pattern

  144. Janice Says:

    You have a new follower by email

  145. Jackie Says:

    I follow on Facebook.

  146. Cindy Says:

    I like Keyboard Kaleidoscope. Thanks for the chance to win.

  147. Cindy Says:

    I follow via email

  148. Rachel Says:

    I think Panel Twist, though it was a hard choice! Starlight and Garden Trellis were close runners-up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  149. Carrie P. Says:

    wonderful prize. great patterns. catch me is one of my favorites.

  150. Susie De Soto Says:

    I love the Twilight Kaleidoscope. it has so many color possibilities. I already have many of your twister patterns. They are so much fun

  151. Karen in Breezy Point Says:

    Check Out the Stars pattern looks like a great stash buster!

  152. Karen in Breezy Point Says:

    I’m a FB follower

  153. Quilting Tangent Says:

    All for one is my choice.

  154. Quilting Tangent Says:

    Following on bloglovin’.

  155. allisonpogany Says:

    I love ribbon rings!

  156. Lissa Says:

    I love your quilt patterns! Entwined is my favorite (closely followed by twister sparkler and ribbon rings!).

  157. Grandma Marcia Says:

    I love the Twilight Kaleidoscope pattern!

    gaborgstadt at

  158. miller508 Says:

    Charming Turnover is my favorite

  159. Laura M Says:

    Hard to pick. But tilt a whirl won out in the end. I’d love to try the four patch kaleidoscope method.

  160. Laura M Says:

    Hi Just signed up for emails. Looking forward to receiving them.

  161. alexis Says:

    Check out the stars is my favorite although it’s a tough choice.

    t_ktl at

  162. alexis Says:

    Following by email

  163. Marti M Says:

    I am a new follower via email.

  164. Marti M Says:

    I love your twilight kaleidoscope pattern

  165. Anita L Says:

    I like changing ways. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  166. T Bosch Says:

    I like tilt a whirl

  167. ssparrowinflight Says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to make these sorts of blocks (and I did notice your class on craftsy). Thank you sincerely for the chance to win!

  168. ssparrowinflight Says:

    I have liked you on Facebook!

  169. Lee Says:

    I really love the Tilt a Whirl pattern! thanks!

  170. michelle Says:

    Kaleidescope Garden although i must say you have many wonderful patterns…i am going to have to buy a few. :o)

  171. michelle Says:

    I am a new follower on FB

  172. Tina Says:

    All patterns are great but I expecially like Trellis Garden

  173. Renata Says:

    Among the stars.

  174. Sandy Says:

    I’m really loving the Tilt-a-Whirl pattern because I used to run a tilt-a-whirl back in my carney days, ha ha!

  175. Sandy Says:

    I follow on Instagram as sandy44215.

  176. sandratimmons Says:

    My gosh you are one generous Santa Clause Quilt Lady. I like the Tilt-a-Whirl because it reminds me of our fair days. Thank you for being a part of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway and the chance to maybe be a winner of such a hugh package. Merry Christmas to you.

    Sandi Timmonz

  177. Ramona Says:

    Such a tough choice but for now I think Tilt-a-whirl is my favorite.

  178. Diane Pfluger Says:

    the twister pattern

  179. Diane Pfluger Says:

    i follow on Facebook

  180. Louisa Says:

    Treasure Trove. I have Among the Stars, and the fabric for it all set to make.

  181. Sarah Says:

    So many wonderful patterns! My favorite is Starlight.

  182. Sarah Says:

    I signed up for your e-mail updates.

  183. DebbieKL Says:

    Generous giveaway! I like Changing Ways and Tilt-a-Whirl!

  184. R. Sullivan Says:

    I like the Trellis Garden! Real pretty.

  185. R. Sullivan Says:

    I follow through email.

  186. Nina Says:

    Trellis Garden so wonderful!

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    I follow you on Facebook!

  188. hueisei Says:

    Wow the Petal Paradise and Blossom Bliss so pretty…

  189. Sarah J. Says:

    So many beautiful pattern to choose from- I’m loving Candy Jar! Thanks!

  190. Louise Cheever Says:

    Keyboard Kaleidoscope would be my favorite at the moment.

  191. Louise Cheever Says:

    I am a new follower on Facebook. Thank you for the chance to win. Love the patterns

  192. tanagriz Says:

    I love Ribbon Rings

  193. SoozeM Says:

    That kit looks like so much fun, the colors in the fabrics are to die for! So many gorgeous patterns, I think I would choose Ribbon Rings.

  194. SoozeM Says:

    I have signed up for email updates 🙂

  195. Carla G Says:

    I love the Metro pattern! 🙂

  196. Carla G Says:

    I liked you on facebook! 🙂

  197. Lori Smanski Says:

    Oh my goodness I could not decide on one pattern. they are all wonderful and unique. thank you for sharing, this is very generous. I really do love the Ribbon Rings

  198. Lori Smanski Says:

    I am following by FB now

  199. Debra Kay Neiman Says:

    Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA! I especially love the Changing ways pattern. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

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    I like you on Facebook. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  201. Debra Kay Neiman Says:

    I also get your e-mail. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  202. Pam S Says:

    What a difficult choice! All the patterns are lovely. I think my favorite is Kensington Kaleidoscope. I’ve been making some quick quilts with simple blocks lately and I’m longing to make something more traditional and complex-looking. Thanks for this generous chance to win!

  203. Pam S Says:

    I like Quilt Moments on Facebook. Thanks again!

  204. Sonya Says:

    My favorite pattern is Elegance.

  205. Sonya Says:

    I’m following you on Facebook.

  206. heather7420 Says:

    My favorite pattern is tilt a whirl

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    I follow on face book 🙂

  208. Debby Sales-Hames Says:

    among the stars would be my choice (very hard to choose) what an awesome prize, thanks for the opportunity

  209. Kim S Says:

    I love Changing Ways. Love the arrangement of the pattern.

  210. Lixie Says:

    I love “Check out the stars”. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  211. Maria Says:

    I love Charming Turnover Stars. 🙂

  212. Patti Says:

    You have a lot of lovely patterns. I really like Twister Sparkler. It would provide another quilt to use the twister rulers, and I really like how it looks in red and green and am envisioning a tree skirt. Thanks for a chance at this great giveaway.

  213. Kathe Says:

    Twister Shimmer Quiltis beautiful!

  214. Kathe Says:

    I’m following on FB. TThanks!

  215. edelc Says:

    Oh I love all the patterns, but I do like check out the stars

  216. Cathy McCabe Says:

    I’m taking the craftsy class and have bought the material kit which is beautiful. I like playing with the different materials and even when I think I have chosen wrong for the 4 patch I have found that with the right background materials it still turns out all right.

  217. Susan Says:

    I love all the patterns. I don’t know which ones are the easiest and since I couldn’t decide on just one, picked one at random and that is Keyboard Kaleidoscope. Thanks for a chance to win this generous giveaway. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  218. Barbara Orozco Says:

    This is one generous giveaway! I’d pick the Twister Illusions pattern, it’s stunning. Thanks for the chance!

  219. Barbara Orozco Says:

    I follow you on FB.

  220. calipidgious Says:

    I love the Twilight Kaleidoscope pattern! So pretty monique.belmer at gmail dot com

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    I follow on Instagram. 🙂 monique.belmer at gmail dot com

  222. catskillquilter Says:

    My favorite pattern is Check Out the Stars! Gorgeous!

  223. catskillquilter Says:

    I like you on Facebook! Happy holidays!

  224. Leann Says:

    I love all your patterns and would love to have either Keyboard Kaleidoscope or Celebration pattern if I win your give-away.

  225. Pat V. Says:

    I would love to make the Metro pattern.

  226. Pat V. Says:

    I am now signed up to follow you via email.

  227. Mary Smith Says:

    I like Treasure Trove

  228. brenda Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway? A very difficult choice, but I think I would like your pattern Ribbon Rings. One thing I appreciate very much about your patterns is that they include instructions for multiple sizes. I like large quilts, and it can be a pain to figure out the best way to increase the size, particularly on quilts that are medallions or otherwise carry a pattern apart from the blocks themselves.

  229. Mary Smith Says:

    I follow on bloglovin

  230. Debbie@ShelteredStitches Says:

    I have to really pick only ONE pattern?? OKOKOK.. Celebration it would have to be 🙂

  231. Debbie@ShelteredStitches Says:

    I added you to my Feedly today.. this is beyond the most generous giveaway! Thanks!

  232. Heather B Says:

    wow only one I like? the Keyboard Kaleidoscope!

  233. Heather B Says:

    I am following you on Instagram now

  234. snausages22 Says:

    Hi there marilyn,
    I am amazed by all your awesome patterns that it was hard to pick just one…but I did, and I would choose Tilt a Whirl.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  235. snausages22 Says:

    Hi again,
    I also follow you on Facebook.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  236. Jess Says:

    Twilight is my favorite. (The pattern, not the movie!)

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    I like’d on FB.

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    And I now follow by email. 🙂

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    I like the check out the stars pattern. I’ve made alot of quilts useing stars. Thanks

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    Amazing patterns! My favorite is Metro! thanks for the chance

  242. Alida Says:

    And I follow you on FB. Thanks again!!

  243. Mom C Says:

    Check Out the Stars, if I have to choose just one. Thanks.

  244. Karen Says:

    wow! cool technique. Ribbon rings really stands out to me.

  245. Brenda Hulsey Says:

    I love the trellis Garden pattern you have.

    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  246. Brenda Hulsey Says:

    I signed up to receive your emails.
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  247. Karen DeCamillis Says:

    Love the Tilt a Whirl.

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    twister shimmer is catching my eye

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    I like the Twilight Kaliedscope, although it was hard to choose. Thank you for the chance to win.

  253. Chimene Benson Says:

    Starlight is my pic!

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    I love all your patterns, but especially Tilt-a-whirl!

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    I love your designs! Especially “All for one”.

  256. Karen Papen Wendling Says:

    I like the elegance pattern although all of your patterns are beautiful!

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    Symphony pls.

  258. kathy skelton Says:

    I really like your Kensington Kaleidoscope pattern. Very beautiful.

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    I love the Twilight Kaleidoscope, it is beautiful, thanks for the give away. I follow you on facebook also

  260. Darlene Hall Says:

    I’m not very experienced with quilting have only made a few throws for my grandkids but I would love any of the patterns you have but my favorite one is the spinning wheel.

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    I can’t decide between Entwined and Ribbon Rings! Both are wonderful!

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    So far I’ve liked you on facebook…and now I’m about to search patterns for a few hours lol! The prize pack is amazing!

  266. Julia Says:

    My favorite Quilt Moments Pattern is your Kensington Kaleidoscope pattern! I’m currently working on a Kaliedoscope quilt, but it’s not near as pretty as your pattern! Thank you for the contest!

  267. Leanne Clare Says:

    I follow you on Facebook ~

  268. Debi Schepers Says:

    I like the Ribbon Ring pattern — it’s close enough to Celtic design to make me really appreciate it. (I had a really hard time choosing though!)

  269. Heather W Says:

    I like among the garden

  270. Linda Edwards Says:

    Twilight Kaleidoscope is my favorite and the one I was going to choose, then I realized it is included. Running very close in second place, is Celebration with Stonehenge. They are all gorgeous patterns and I would be thrilled to have any one of them.

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    Tough choice, especially between Leading Ladies & Petal Paradise. If I win, you can surprise me.

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  290. Wende V. Says:

    I can’t believe it! The Kaleidoscope class on Craftsy has been on my wish list for some time! Love all your patterns. But if I had to choose, maybe Twister Sparkler would be my choice. Robt Kaufman is my favorite fabric house as well! This is just the perfect giveaway!!!

  291. Ellen Leah Bielut Says:

    It is so hard to choose! I will commit to ‘Celebration’ as my favorite (in this moment). I have shared the contest info on Facebook as well as liked your page. Glad to have found your works! They’re all stunning.

  292. Paula Johnson Says:

    Love your patterns, would love to win thus collection!

  293. Carroll Mellina Says:

    They are all so pretty. I think I would like the twister one

  294. Dawna Dalton Says:

    What a wonderful prize to win – if I were to win any pattern would do, but I especially want to attempt Twister Sparkler 🙂

  295. Amie Lynnette Rinier Says:

    I love the Twister Shimmer (QM135) in queen size with the black background. The bright, bold colors are perfect for me. Although there are so many that I would love to make this was the one I kept coming back to.

  296. Crystal Beyer Says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent!!

  297. Virginia Beecher Says:

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    My favorite is the twilight kaleidoscope.

    I follow you now on FB and Instagram. Looking forward to watching your stuff come across my feed!

  304. Jan Evancho Says:

    It’s very, very hard to choose a favorite pattern! Your work is fantastic and reflects my personal preference of more modern looking quilts that feature a unique blending of colors. I finally settled on Coin Bracelets after going back and forth to about six others! I think it would be a lovely stash buster and I’m drawn to the jewel colors on the black background. Thanks so much for this giveaway. You are very generous for offering it! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  305. Mary Bornhoeft Says:

    All your patterns are beautiful. I had one picked out, but as I scrolled down I found another pattern that I really liked. This went on as I went through all your patterns. After all that, I like the kaleidoscope patterns the best and pick Kaleidoscope Garden. I have signed up to receive your newsletter and will also follow you on Facebook.

  306. Debbie Norton Says:

    I’m not sure I looked in the right place but I love Kaleidoscope quit #2 on you class page. All of them are beautiful truly. Your talent is

  307. Jean Says:

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  308. Debra Says:

    It was hard to chose but I will go with Ribbon Rings 🙂

  309. marjolein Says:

    I’m motsly interested in the fabrics, as i’m not a quilter. So if i win, just give a pattern to someone else maybe 😉

  310. Jerry Says:

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  311. Cindy Miller Says:

    Twister Illusions is my favorite…bold and bright!! 🙂

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  315. Marie McMillen Says:

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  316. Di Wilsey Geer Says:

    As a child, I loved a cheap kaleidoscope and could look into it for hours, thus that is my fav!

  317. Cathy Hunnicutt Says:

    I like Swirl or Twister Shimmer, I am a beginner.

  318. Brenda Morris Says:

    Hi! And Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

    After looking at all the patterns it was difficult to narrow it down but I think my most favorite is “QM121 Elegance Version II”

  319. Brenda Morris Says:

    Following you on Facebook 🙂

  320. Maureen K Czujak Says:

    I love your Elegance pattern. Have made it in 2 color ways.

  321. Cathy Says:

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  322. Pam Payne Says:

    So hard to decide but I would choose Swirl.

  323. Barbara Mhoon Brannon Says:

    I would love the kalidiscope pattern, thanks so much for sharing, someone will be very lucky. May God Bless You

  324. Cami Lindgren Says:

    Hello and Happy Holidays to you and thank you for a chance to win. I just added your class to my wish list on Craftsy and am looking forward to getting it. I can’t wait. Your patterns are wonder, but my favorite is “Celebration” – absolutely beautiful! Thank you again for the chance. ~ Cami

  325. sewshawna2014 Says:

    I love the twilight kleidoscope. Blue an especially favorite color at our house and I’ve yet to try kleidoscope pattern.

  326. April Hof Says:

    This is my first time visiting, I love Twilight Kaleidoscope! Now off to follow you on fb 😊

  327. Julie Says:

    my choice would be Swirl. Beautiful patterns.

  328. Penny Sue French Says:

    I am really drawn to the QM117 Twilight Kaleidoscope pattern. I love the colors of the twin size posted but would love to make it in the Queen.

  329. Janelle Adamets Merillat Says:

    Loving “Leading Ladies” here!

  330. missharrie01 Says:

    I love Kaufman fabrics and designs. I made three grandkids throws with his designs. So colorful. My one granddaughter actually picked her designed prints for her throw. She is only seven!

  331. carol Says:

    like the turning point pattern, liked on facebook and signed up for email

  332. Mary Peterson Says:

    I love the Twister Illusions pattern. The Lil Twister is my favorite tool right now!! 🙂

  333. barbara blair Says:

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  334. Brandy Lauzon Says:

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  335. Lynn McPheters Says:

    Check out the stars is my favorite….Merry Christmas!

  336. Magda Says:

    Trellis Garden is the loveliest! Thanks for the chance to play

  337. Tammy Says:

    i love the twister kaleidoscope but everything I saw was beautiful. Shared on FB and am liking your page.

  338. Beth Qual Says:

    I would have to sat among the stars is my fav. You’ve been busy the last eight years!

  339. Alice Says:

    Twister Kaleidoscope Is beautiful

  340. Julie Craven Says:

    Tilt a whirl

  341. AmyMac Says:

    Twister Shimmer is probably my favorite. They are all beautiful so it makes it very hard to choose.

  342. Moira Says:

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  344. Julie Craven Says:

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  346. Cynthia Beasley Says:

    They are all so beautiful! My favorite is Spinning Wheel,

  347. Cynthia Beasley Says:

    I follow you on facebook! 🙂

  348. Richelle Swanson Says:

    i have wanted Twister Illusion since I saw it done at a quilt store in Grand Lake, CO. Unfortunately, she was out of the pattern when I was there. Would love to win it!!

  349. Judy Dewalt Says:

    Beautiful patterns, but my favorite is All for One

  350. Vickie Says:

    Glad to know about your site. Great patterns, especially Starlight.

  351. karen cummings Says:

    Twister sparkler version b

  352. Dawn Says:

    I love your Tilt A Whirl quilt! Thanks for the chance to win.

  353. Paula Peterson Says:

    I Love the starlight! A holiday AND traditional pattern in one! Beautiful!

  354. Sue Says:

    I like check out the stars, but there are others that are equally amazing! WOW!

  355. Colleen Doherty Says:

    My favorite is the twister shimmer. Beautiful colors and design.

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    love the check out the stars. All of your patterns are beautiful

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    So glad to have found you! Your patterns are so beautiful, I couldn’t decide on a favorite. It is amazing how just changing colors can make it totally different. I am definately going to follow you on facebook. Fingers crossed for this amazing prize and good luck everyone!!

  358. Jan Chambers Says:

    Wow! Amazing patterns! Love the trellis one……

  359. Doreen Snyder Says:

    Hi _ too many to pick just one favorite! Trellis Garden is a beaut! Keep em coming. Thanks for the giveaway!

  360. Jodi Breese Says:

    There are so many gorgeous patterns. They are so gorgeous. Twister Illusion stands out a little more than the rest! Thank you for the opportunity!

  361. Melissa Says:

    Wow, hard to choose a favorite. I decided on Leading Ladies. 🙂 I am following you on Facebook.

  362. Jana Leonard Says:

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  363. Jana Leonard Says:

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  367. Anita Ezzell Says:

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  368. Kim Watson Says:


  369. Anita Logan Says:

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  370. Anita Logan Says:

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  371. Xiomara cavin Says:

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  372. DIANE Bailey Says:

    My parents emigrated from Poland so I am first generation American. Treasure Trove reminds me of my Babcia’s (grandmother) babushka. Blue was her favorite color.

  373. Jacklyn Hazen Says:

    I just love your patterns! I have Twister Illusions here and hope to start it soon. The fabric bundle would really get me started.

  374. Michaela Jones Says:

    I love all your work,but if I have to choose than the Ribbon Rings. Thank you for the giveaway.😁

  375. thais Says:

    I love kaleidoscope garden! ❤
    And I follow your blog via email.

  376. Natalie Barber Says:

    I love everything! I would love any of them. Entwined QM129, Kaleidescope Garden (QM110), or Spinning Wheels.

  377. Dawn Norris Says:

    Fantastic, can I do one each?! LOL

  378. Jamie Newson Says:

    Your patterns look great. My favorite is Tilt-a-Whirl.

  379. Cynthia Says:

    Gosh, All the patterns are Awesome; hard to choose just 1. Ribbon Wings is in the running…<3

  380. Sharon Lichter Says:

    I like your Ribbon Rings pattern.

  381. Danette Roundy Says:

    I am dying tO try Starlight! It looks like a great pattern for panels! But I love ALL the patterns! The fabric is yummy!

  382. Meg Says:

    I’d have to say Ribbon Rings is my favorite today – who knows about tomorrow – so many great ones!

  383. Christina Dingus Says:

    CELEBRATION! That is gorgeous in any colorway.

  384. Maureen Says:

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! While I like all of your patterns, I would love to win Kensington Kaleidoscope.

  385. Rosa Pick Adams Says:

    Rosa Adams-I love Twister would be a challenge just looking at it. but its beautiful.. I am following you on facebook and email. Thanks for a chance to win..:)

  386. Chris Fisher Says:

    Love the Treasure Troves pattern!

  387. Cristi M Cook Says:

    Amazing and beautiful! Can’t wait to take your class and I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the black and while tily-a-whirl!

  388. Meg Says:

    I just signed up for email updates – another chance to win!

  389. Carrie Whittemore Says:

    Honestly? I had a terrible time deciding – in part because the fabrics made each one sooo stunning! But, if I had to choose one I would say Keyboard Kaleidoscope is my favorite!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  390. Carrie Whittemore Says:

    I’m a new FB fan, too! Also have to say, I LOVE your Craftsy video – I’m literally in the midst of it! Lol! 🙂

  391. sherry Says:

    Great patterns!

  392. Cyndi Spurlin Says:

    I love Them all but I think Belle Kaleidascope is my favorite!

  393. Debbie Turks Says:

    Twilight Kaleidoscope! but all patterns are amazing

  394. Barb B. Says:

    Signed up for emails today, love your patterns

  395. Linda Says:

    Turning point is the one I choose, although it was difficult!

  396. Donna Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win, I love your Keyboard Kaleidoscope pattern! 🙂

  397. tammy Says:

    Really like Tilt-a-whirl. Excited to see who wins your awesome prize.

  398. Bunny Hand Says:

    108, marble layer cake

  399. Bev Gunn Says:

    Hard to decide, but “step into the ring” looks like something that I would love to make!

  400. Joann Boone Says:

    Turning Point looks awesome! Thanks for participating and offering this to readers.

  401. Darcy de la Rosa Says:

    Beautiful patterns, but I think Twister Sparkler is my favorite.

  402. Sandy Boersen Says:

    Charm bracelet and marble cake

  403. Carol Martin Says:

    I love all for one

  404. Crystal Says:

    I have several twister patterns , but Kensington really caught my eye it is beautiful.

  405. Darla Chauvin Says:

    Wow! They are all beautiful. I can’t choose. Any of the twister pattern for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  406. Crystal Says:

    I follow on Facebook

  407. Gail pendry Says:

    Love, love all your patterns! So bright and fun and happy! Difficult to decide, but I will choose Petal Paradise because I enjoy piecing and seeing the surprise of the flowers. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  408. Gail pendry Says:

    I will follow by email.

  409. Donna Alonzo Says:

    I love your patterns. I could not pick just one, I love them all. I already have Ring Toss.

  410. Trisha Noland Says:

    My favorite pattern would be twister sparkler. I follow you on Facebook.

  411. Quilting Jeannie Z Says:

    I love the four-patch kaleidoscope pattern! I’ve been wanting to attempt a kaleidoscope quilt, and these fabrics would be so lovely. Thanks.

  412. Donna Alonzo Says:

    I follow you on Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter.

  413. Kim Hartnett Says:

    They are all so beautiful, so it was a tough decision. I think I will choose the Changing Ways pattern. Thank you for this opportunity. I would love to win!

  414. Susan Miles Says:

    I’m a fan of Tilt-a-Whirl and Changing Ways!

  415. Jean Potter Says:

    I’m supposed to pick just one that I like? impossible! But, I need a simpler kaleidoscope so the “Spinning Wheel Runners” might be doable.

  416. Jean Potter Says:

    I will follow on email.

  417. Nancy Horsley Says:

    I love your Kaleidoscope patterns. My husband has a collection of close to 100 and a new Keyboard Kaleidoscope quilt would be a wonderful addition. I also love the twister and any of those would be wonderful too.

  418. Wendy Downey Says:

    There are so many choices,, I love ribbon rings and entwined…to begin with.

  419. Emilia Says:

    This is my first time visiting your site. I found you in FB. You have beautiful patterns! I liked Twilight Kaleidoscope, since I have never made a quilt like that.

  420. Jill Scherer Says:

    Ooh, the Twister Illusion is beautiful!

  421. Tricia Says:

    Your work is beautiful! The thing I would choose is the kit in the prize package! I also love the spinning wheel pattern. Thank you and good luck everyone!

  422. Kacey Zucchino Says:

    I love Ring Toss, Metro, Tilt-a-Whirl, so hard to choose, they are all wonderful! Love the concept of Kaleidoscope, will definitely be following you!

  423. Margaret Terry Says:

    Leading Ladies by far for me. Really like the ability for fussy cutting large flowers.

  424. Kathy Brown Says:

    It is difficult to choose a favorite pattern. At the moment, I like Changing Ways.

  425. Melinda Shackelford Says:


  426. Tammie Gibson Says:

    I like Candy Jar.

  427. kris Says:

    So many lovely patterns. I think Celebration would be fun.

  428. Kathi Ernst Says:

    Leading ladies.. they are all wonderful.. a very close second is trellis garden….

  429. Linda Says:

    I am a beginning quilter. My choice would be Claire’s Garden. Hopefully, I could master it! Thank you!

  430. Kathi Ernst Says:

    Now following on instagram!

  431. Irene Chandler Says:

    Trellis Garden! is my favorite of the ones I don’t already own! Love, love, love Kaleidoscopes!

  432. Anna Says:

    Your patterns are intriguing. For now, my favorite would be Metro.

  433. Jean Anderson Says:


  434. Petra Abington Says:

    Wow, those are some beautiful patterns! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I like Kensington Kaleidoscop best because I love piecing. But the Twister Sparkler is amazing, too. Thanks for doing a giveaway.

  435. Whit Clark Says:

    Gorgeous patterns! I would love to make Among the Stars quilt with my Indie by Pat Bravo fabric! It would be perfect for that pattern!!

  436. Liz Boardman Says:

    I like the Charming Turnover Stars.

  437. Carolyn Faircloth Says:

    I now follow your blog and liked facebook page! I can’t decide on a pattern…I like them all….you choose!

  438. Kathi Ernst Says:

    I’m following on Facebook

  439. gina Says:

    Love this idea! Charm braclet is my favorite but thet are all so beautiful!!!

  440. Kathi Ernst Says:

    And I’m now following your wonderful blog!

  441. cofeeiv Says:

    I think I like the Ribbon Rings. So many options.

  442. Darlene B Says:

    What great patterns! I like Leading Ladies. Thx for this great prize!

  443. cofeeiv Says:

    I follow you via email updates and facebook

  444. Susan F Says:

    Love the Tilt-a-Whirl pattern! So many possibilities for this pattern!

  445. KiKi Says:

    So many choices! If I had to pick just one: Twister Shimmer!

  446. Darlene B Says:

    I follow you thru Facebook and email!

  447. Julie Hirschi Williams Says:

    Love the starlight

  448. chrys elrod Says:

    Keyboard kaleidoscope for sure! Beautiful! And….I liked you on facebook and shared!

  449. Patricia Schlindwein Says:

    Beautiful patterns, hard to pick just one, but I think it would be Twister Sparkler. Thank you.

  450. Connie German Says:

    Some very pretty patterns. Very hard to choose just one. I like QM107 Check Out the Stars

  451. Susan Says:

    I really like Claire’s Garden and the Charming Turnover Stars! All are beautiful though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  452. Trudy Keller Says:

    I like Entwined.

  453. Susan Leist Says:

    All great patterns but the Keyboard Kaleidoscope is my favorite. . Thanks.

  454. claire Says:

    I like the ribbon rings pattern (since I can ONLY pick one.)

  455. Patricia Hersl Says:

    Not enough coffee yet. Just pick me one! Any one.

  456. Virginia Toedman Says:

    I like the Treasure Trove pattern, I am a beginner so need easy patterns and ideas

  457. Diane Says:

    I like R I on Rings!

  458. Diane Says:

    If I could type that would have sId Ribbon Rings.

  459. Diane Says:

    Why are my fingers not working this morning?

  460. Margie burkel Says:

    They are all beautiful, but kaleidoscope is my favorite! Merry Christmas!

  461. Shelly Zamora Says:

    Beautiful Patterns! Keyboard Kaleidoscope is my favorite

  462. Cindy Herman Says:

    Trellis Garden and Elegance are my favorite.

  463. Kristie Seal Says:

    Check out the stars is my favorite! They are all beautiful!

  464. Cindy Herman Says:

    I follow via email.

  465. Rhonda W. Says:

    I pick Twister Sparkler, but they all are beautiful!

  466. Jean Says:

    Celebration, and there will be if I win. Good luck all.

  467. PattySwatzell Says:

    I Love the Twilight Kaleidoscope kit. I have always been fascinating by kaleidoscopes!

  468. Tamy R Says:

    I am loving your Tilt-A-Whirl pattern!

  469. MaryAnne Simmons Says:

    Love the Trellis Garden

  470. Mary Ford Says:

    I really like the Starlight in the pink and lavender colors. In fact, I like all of them…I don’t think I have enough time to make them!

  471. sharon Jack Says:

    would love to win the bundle and include the catch me pattern love it. using panels. thanks

  472. Andrea Hanlon Says:

    So many stunning patterns to choose from! My favorite pattern is Trellis Garden, followed closely by Kensington Kaleidoscope!

  473. Dona Says:

    Hard to pick just one, I will say twisted shimmer though, I love stars!

  474. Patricia Jackson Says:

    I love several but the Twister Sparkler really catches my eye!!!

  475. Sue Hellenbrand Says:

    QM117 Twilight Kaleidoscope – The blue colors against the black is stunning!

  476. Janee Says:

    I love ribbon rings!

  477. Joni Keskey Says:

    Beautiful Quilts! I like “Twister Sparkler” for its subtle shading!

  478. Kelly K Says:

    So many beautiful patterns! Hard to choose just one. I think I’d have to pick which one I’d like to learn first, and that would be Tilt-a-whirl.

  479. Kelly K Says:

    Following you on Facebook, now, too.

  480. Sharon McDonald Says:

    There are so many that I love. Twilight is my favorite. But I also love Treasure Trove and Trellis Garden

  481. Elizabeth Smith Says:

    Can’t decide…. Ring Toss or Ribbon Rings

  482. Sharon McDonald Says:

    Following you on facebook too

  483. Diane Says:

    It is so hard to pick just one! But I think Twilight Kaleidoscope would be near the top.

  484. Cheryl vineyard Says:

    All for one please

  485. carrie miller Says:

    It was hard to pick just one, but I really liked twilight kaleidoscope.

  486. GdogMama Says:

    New to your site and truly love your patterns. Starlight is GORGEOUS and I love Blossom Bliss too. Off to follow you on Facebook and share. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Good luck everyone!

  487. Mary D Says:

    You have some wonderful patterns, so full of color and so involved. I liked the Celebration along with a few others. I have never made a Kaleidoscope quilt.

  488. Judie Breunig Says:

    You have beautiful work. I love Clare’s garden good luck to all

  489. Judie Breunig Says:

    You work is beautiful I love Claire’s garden

  490. Terri Costello Says:

    Just starting to follow your blog – loving it. I love the Keyboard Kaleidoscope.

  491. Louise Says:

    I love all the twister patterns, but my fav would be Tilt a Whirl. I just love the white-black-red combo!

  492. connie L. Says:

    Twister Sparkler is pretty

  493. Debbie Mitchell Lewis Says:

    I’ve never quiIted before but really want to learn. It’s hard to pick one favorite but I think QM116 Trellis Garden would be it followed by QM103 Tilt-A-Whirl. Beautiful Quilts!

  494. N Parrish Says:

    Wow it is very hard to decide on just one of the delightful designs you have. So by the toss of a coin Celebration pattern won. What a wonderful “contest”. Thank you.

  495. Anita Says:

    I liked Trellis Garden and Tilt a whirl! Hard to choose

  496. Beth Corwin Says:

    Your patterns are all great, but I love Celebration with Stonehenge. You have a great eye for color.

  497. Traci Baez Says:

    I really liked Check out the Stars Nice giveaway for someone to win!

  498. Margaret Bachmeier Says:

    I love Metro….and I really enjoy following you! Thanks — Margaret

  499. Cathy Says:

    Love soooo many of your quilts. My favorite is the Twilight Kaleidoscope!

  500. Jayne Anderson Says:

    I LOVE your Tilt-A-Whirl pattern! It was hard to pick from all your patterns.

  501. Sherri H. Says:

    My favorite is Metro! Tried commenting earlier, don’t think it posted. If so, sorry for the double post.

  502. Sherri H. Says:

    I get the newsletter via email & have liked on FaceBook!

  503. Tammy Says:

    I like the Ribbon Rings

  504. Debbie Says:

    The QM103 Tilt a whirl is very pretty, that’s my choice.

  505. Linn Jencopale Says:

    Tilt a whirl and Celebrations are my favorite patterns!

  506. Lorinda Says:

    So many beautiful quilts I can’t pick a favorite

  507. Connie Schnier Says:

    I enjoyed the challenge as I sewed the Among the stars pattern for a friend. I would like to try the Tilt-A-Whirl pattern if chosen. Thank you!

  508. Doris York Says:

    love your ideas!

  509. Mary Trimble Says:

    They are all beautiful patterns, it’s hard to pick a favorite, Celebration with Stonehenge, Entwined, Ribbon Rings, too many to choose just one!

  510. Patricia Lindsey-Martinez Says:

    I like Twilight Kaleidoscope and all the twister patterns I would love to win this package

  511. Patricia Lindsey-Martinez Says:

    I signed up for your newsletter and I follow you on fb

  512. Mary Trimble Says:

    Follow the blog on facebook, great contest, thanks for the chance.

  513. Barbara Fox Says:

    I like Kaleidoscope symphony it is so intriguing and a good challenge for me.

  514. connie b Says:

    The pattern and fabrics are gorgeous, would love them. Any of the Twister patterns would be wonderful, they are just so bright and cheerful.

  515. Lorena Schwab Says:

    Love your patterns. Since I want to make everyone you would have to choose for me.

  516. Helene Christensen Says:

    Starlight. – what a great way to spice up a panel.

  517. Sharon Garls Says:

    Tilt-A-Whirl and Celebration — but also love Twilight Kaleidoscope

  518. Phyllis Bandy Says:

    I like trellis garden will follow and share on Facebook

  519. Denise Hamilton Says:

    My favorite is “Turning Point” because you can showcase larger prints and use modern fabrics easily. Love this giveaway!

  520. Lynn Says:

    Boy, it is so hard to choose one pattern. I think twillight kaleidoscope would be a cool quilt to make.

  521. Robin Wentzell Says:

    All of the patterns are beautiful but my favorite was celebration.

  522. Carol Dodd Says:

    I like the Celtic feel of “Entwined.”

  523. Carol Dodd Says:

    I am following Quilt Moments on email.

  524. Lynn Says:

    Twilight kaleidoscope would be fun to make.

  525. Eileen Johnson Says:

    Wow!!! I have never seen your quilts before!! How awesome!! What an idea! I can’t decide between Celebration with Stonehenge or Tilt-a-Twirl!!

  526. Eileen Johnson Says:

    Hi!! I just liked your facebook page. Am excited to see your new patterns and quilts.

  527. patriciafayemc Says:

    All are beautiful! My favorite is “Check out the Stars” What a fantastic give-away! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  528. Jo cline Says:

    WOW look at how many people are signing up for free fabric & pattern. Quilting is back and doing well! Thanks for the gift.

  529. Mindie Says:

    I love the Tilt-a-Whirl pattern. Beautiful

  530. lanalew Says:

    I like Twilight Kaleidoscope the best, I think!

  531. Marie McKee Says:

    I’m in love with Celebration with Stonehenge. I’ve been following your work on FB and just signed up for your emails. Love your patterns and thanks for the chance to win!

  532. Yvonne Mosley Says:

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful give-away. love garden blossoms and Twilight Kaleidoscope. The fabric kit colors are glorious!

  533. Joanne Says:

    Thanks for your great site +patterns. It was hard to choose a favorite, but I chose Candy Dish. I love your patterns + that you include so many size and color choices!

  534. Joanne Says:

    Hi, I follow you on Facebook and signed up for your newsletter also!

  535. melody Says:

    I like them all! Kalidascope Symphony is my fav.

  536. Joanne Says:

    Hi, again, sorry, the name of my favorite pattern is Candy Jar!

  537. Rhonda Mesnard Says:

    I just started quilting about 6 months ago.. I have completed 2 quilts and more then half way done with 2 more… So its very hard for me to choose what my favorite experience is.. My grandmother was a sewer.. Growing up she wanted me to sew too .. I was her only granddaughter.. But I didn’t start until just until resent.. She is passed away now.. And I am so sorry I didn’t sew then.. Because I love it now.. I know she is watching me from heaven and is very proud.. I love quilting .. I am so new at it, so anything would be awesome.. I did make a labyrinth quilt and I was told it was good enough to win a first place award.. Thank you for your time..Merry Christmas

  538. Mary Eggebraten Says:

    I love the simple four patch you did with Imperial Garden!

  539. Joan Wallace Says:

    I like charm bracelet.

  540. Connie Watson Says:

    I am new to quilting, have made one and have 3 in the process. Your patterns are all beautiful. Love Elegance and changing ways.

  541. Yvonne Kleinhans Says:

    You are so creative! I love the twilight pattern.

  542. rosemary c Says:

    celebration or charm bracelet or ??? way too many beautiful ones to choose from

  543. Gidget Says:

    Twister Shimmer has been my Favorite since the 30 Quilts for 30 years! thank you!

  544. Tamie McBartlett Says:

    I like the Starlight, I love the different star shapes that surround a panel.

  545. Sue Schuchard Says:

    I follow and save lots of your postings on FB. You have helped me through many ideas as I rush to finish these gifts. On time Thank you

  546. Eileen Says:

    I like the Keningston Kaleidoscope pattern, and I like you on Facebook

  547. Bonnie F Says:

    I like Check Out the Stars.

  548. MARY LORE Says:


  549. Barbara Grandon Says:

    Celebration with Stonehedge is my favored pattern.

  550. Wanda Says:

    Panel Twist tweaked my fancy.

  551. Susan Fischer Says:

    I love your Twilight Garden Quilt…..just beautiful!

  552. Michelle Gallegos Says:

    Love all the pattrrns. Very inspiring!! Favorite is the Twisted QM131

  553. Cyndie Salvatore Says:

    I have admired the Kensington in my pattern stash for a while, maybe a New Year’s resolution for it would be good!

  554. Sherry Giles Says:

    Charming Turnover Stars is beautiful and my favorite

  555. Roena Halbur Says:

    I would love to see more about Twilight Kaleidoscope…

  556. Michelle Myers Says:

    I follow you on instagram

  557. Michelle Myers Says:

    I follow you on FB

  558. Chris Hall Says:

    Very hard to choose just one. They are all so nice. However, Ribbon Rings is my favorite.

  559. Michelle Myers Says:

    I Love the Twilight Kaleidoscope!! It is beautiful!!

  560. Sherry Gray Says:

    I like them all! I think the trellis garden is my favorite though.

  561. Linda Cook Says:

    I I like the Ribbon Rings and I love all of your twister patterns

  562. Robbin Peck Says:

    Oh boy, it’s hard to choose! I think Trellis Garden.

  563. Robbin Peck Says:

    I registered to following your site via email.

  564. Carla Hellwege Says:

    I am new to your site and blog — and oh my goodness! You’re asking me to pick my favorite of your patterns???? I’d start with Tilt-a-Whirl or Changing Ways. ALL of your patterns are gorgeous. Thank you for the chance to win.

  565. Candy Machalek Says:

    Celebration with stonehenge has been my all-time favorite pattern!

  566. Deb Scott Says:

    Twister Illusions is on my To Do list!

  567. Linda Hardin Says:

    The Twilight pattern is beautiful! Love the blues you used.

  568. Nicola Says:

    My favourite pattern is tilt a whirl. It is very pretty!

  569. Jill McDonald Says:

    Beautiful patterns !!! i like the Blossom Bliss!!

  570. Helen Spiroplaus Says:

    Too many beautiful choices, but I’m a bit partial to Petal Paradise. Love all of your patterns. All I need is more time in my quilting retreat. Thanks for your generous give away.

  571. Marge Avaltroni Says:

    Changing Ways is beautiful! They really are all beautiful! Wish me luck!

  572. Apral Erkenbeck Harrel Says:

    I like the Twister Illusions pattern because it gives the illusion of being 3D.

  573. Lynnette Attanasio Says:

    My favorite is QM117 Twilight Kaleidoscope, very beautiful.

  574. EMILY Says:

    QM105 Blossom Bliss Pattern!! Great giveaway!!

  575. Wanda Bird Says:

    My favorite is the twisted tapestry. And thank you for the opportunity to be entered in to your drawing.

  576. Stephanie McElroy Says:

    I love the Twilight Kaleidoscope …..beautiful!

  577. Gayla Nuss Says:

    Beautiful designs, so hard to choose. I finally decided QM131 Twister Illusion would be the first quilt to make.

  578. Sandy Says:

    Love the kaleidoscopes! Starlight is my pick.

  579. Peggy Says:

    All your quilts and patterns are beautiful, so it was hard to choose. I really like Check Out the Stars. Thanks for a chance to win this lovely package!

  580. Peggy Says:

    I’ve followed you on Instagram and liked you on Facebook. Thanks for another chance to win!

  581. JoAnn L Says:

    QM121 Elegance

  582. Gayla Nuss Says:

    I am signed up for email updates, and like on Facebook. I would love to make QM131 Twister Illusion.

  583. Stephanie McElroy Says:

    I follow your blog and liked you on facebook……

  584. Lori Stiles Says:

    I like all of your patterns, bit, especially the Kaleidescope!

  585. Janice Says:

    Beautiful [atterns. Treasure Trove caught ,my eye!

  586. Lori Says:

    There are so many to pick from. Makes it tough. I guess I’d like to try ‘Entwined’, if I win.

    Thank you!

  587. Roberta Kennedy Says:

    I especially like your “All for One” quilt pattern. I already have your :Elegance: pattern but have not had the materials for it. Your kaleidoscope quilts are all fantastic!

  588. Goldie Kennedy Says:

    Among the Stars is my favorite.

  589. Anne Gonske Says:

    Kaleidoscope symphony is my favorite, what beautiful colors

  590. Su Meredith Says:

    New to your site and I love it! Stars are my favorite and I have been wanting to try the 4 patch kaleidoscope. Hard to choose a favorite but I will go with Treasure Trove QM126.

  591. Junie Miles Says:

    Ribbon Rings is the one for me!!

  592. Jovanna Centre Says:

    The Starlight Pattern is beautiful. Beautiful color combinations.

  593. Arlene Says:

    Wow what great ideas! The Triple Twister looks like fun to make.

  594. Karen LeDoux Says:

    All of your patterns are wonderful, but my fave is the Twisted Kaleidoscope…stunning colors!

  595. Paula Says:

    It was hard to pick between charm bracelet and tilt-a-whirl, but I finally picked tilt-a-whirl!

  596. Paula Says:

    I signed up to follow you via email

  597. Della Myers Says:

    Love the Elegance pattern…the colors that were used in it are wonderful!

  598. Dawn Jones Says:

    I like your Metro Quilt, I think that is what I would choose.

  599. Dawn Jones Says:

    I am following you on Instagram (cher277).

  600. quilterka Says:

    Hi, I like Celebration with Stonehenge – pattern 109. It was really difficult to decide just for one. All patterns are truly beautiful.

  601. Kim Loar Says:

    I followed you on FB, signed up for the blog and also email from your website. wow! too many patterns to pick from but I’m going with Leading Ladies! Great giveaway. Thank you!

  602. quilterka Says:

    I follow you on wordpress. Love pattern 109.

  603. Phyllis Thompson Says:

    FIrst time to visit will definitely return! Lovely items.

  604. Karen Kobilan Says:

    I am very new to quilting and just Love the kaleidoscope, it looks like a great challenge for me! Thank you for all your great information!

  605. Christine Wilkinson Says:

    Tilt a Whirl! Love your blog!

  606. Marilyn Says:

    Love the kaleidoscope pattern. The colors are wonderful to complement it beautifully.

  607. Ellen Fontaine Says:

    whoa! Hard to choose just one. Panel Twister, maybe. Also like Leading Ladies, Candy Box, and Bracelets…..

  608. cindy godwin Says:

    Like them all

  609. Sandra Bevan Says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt and there’s no time like now. I love the tilt a whirl.

  610. Terre Sturtevant Says:

    I like Twister sparkler, but all the patterns are awesome. Beautiful give away.

  611. Sandra Bevan Says:


  612. Linda Chasey Edwards Says:

    It was hard to pick just one, but I think Twilight Kaleidoscope was my favorite!

  613. Cindy Shelley Says:

    I like the Starlight pattern.

  614. Glenda Horst Says:

    I like the Tilt a Whirl pattern in the black white and red

  615. Pam Reim Says:

    I like you Twister Shimmer pattern a lot!

  616. Pam Reim Says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter. Thks for giveaway

  617. Qurrat Thakur Says:

    I love the Twister Illusion

  618. Nell Burke Says:

    Alb1956l the patterns are beautiful & I would be thrilled to win any of them. But if i have to chose one—Twilight Kaleidoscope.

  619. Linda Says:

    Tilt-a-Whirl! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway.

  620. Sue Says:

    Twilight Kaleidoscope is my favorite.

  621. Joanne Says:

    Hard to choose – but I think I’d pick the Metro pattern. Thanks!

  622. Joanne Says:

    I signed up to follow by email…I think it worked…lol

  623. Linda Says:

    I love the colors and pattern for the Twilight Kaleidoscope. I had a hard time choosing though, there are many really cute patterns. God bless!

  624. Judy Says:

    Oh my, love them all. Since I have to choose just one, I pick “Turning Point”.

  625. Leona Johnson Says:

    I love Kensington Kaleidoscope!!!! this is such a great giveaway!!!

  626. Marcia Says:

    I love the colours. Tilt-A-Whirl is my favourite pattern. Thanks for the chance to win!

  627. Laura Says:

    I love your patterns!! The one l would love to do first is Ribbon Rings.

  628. Sharon Says:

    I agree with so many others that it is hard to choose. I do like Panel Twist as an interesting way to use a panel.

  629. Karen A Says:

    I like your Turnover Stars pattern. Great giveaway.

  630. DeeDee Weir Says:

    I love them all but the Trellis Garden caught my eye the most. Thank you for the opprtunity.

  631. Jennifer Says:

    I really like the Leading Ladies pattern! Starlight is also a very lovely one. Although I had a hard time narrowing it to a favorite pattern!

  632. Jennifer Says:

    Oh, and I’m following you on Facebook. 🙂

  633. JoanG Says:

    I really like Entwined. Thanks for the chance.

  634. Mara Says:

    Wow, that was a hard choice, but I think I finally decided on Starlight, I have a thing for stars right now.

  635. karen hrabovsky Says:

    First time I have seen this, but like it and will follow.. I like the kaleidoscopes the best,

  636. Deb Says:

    Very nice giveaway! I’d like the Keyboard Kaleidoscope.

  637. Joan Kruse Says:

    I like the Tilt a Whirl pattern. It was also my favorite ride as a kid.

  638. Janet Fetting Says:

    There are so many great ones it is hard to pick but my favorite is Twilight Kaleidoscope, love the design and love the color contrast. Hope to win but if I don’t I might have to order that one. I live two hours south of you, Ft. City, WI. and just started quilting one year ago. Love love love it. I also make jewelry, and occasionally do stained glass panels. So many hobbies, so little time. Good thing I am retired, do not have time for any work.

  639. Paula marks Says:

    love your patterns. Thanks for your giveaway. My favorite pattern is twilight kaleidoscope. Beautiful patterns

  640. Sue W. Says:

    Love your patterns, Tilt a Whirl is my fave

  641. quilter56 Says:

    Love them all, but especially twilight kaleidoscope…following on FB now.

  642. debegley Says:

    I love all of them but I would love to have the Twisted Kaleidoscope.

  643. debegley Says:

    I signed up and shared on facebook and I also love candy jar.

  644. Sarah Says:

    I like the pattern All for One. Thanks for the chance to win!

  645. Sarah Says:

    Also, I follow you on Bloglovin!

  646. Sheila French-Stauffer Says:

    Keyboard Kaleidoscope is the one I’ve coveted and have on my wishlist…thank you for the opportunity and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  647. BJ Stultz Says:

    I will have to choose if I win. I have a stack of your patterns I need to check thru 1st to be sure I don’t request one I already have! Saw your trunk show in Hoopeston, IL

  648. BJ Stultz Says:

    Following your blog.

  649. BJ Stultz Says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  650. Crystal Says:

    My favorite is the Twilight Kaleidiscope.

  651. Barb Skinner Says:

    Starlight is a wonderful pattern, for Christmas or a Quilts of Valor, really all the patterns are lovely!

  652. Cynthia Beasley Says:

    I follow on facebook!

  653. Cynthia Beasley Says:

    Ribbon Rings is my favorite!

  654. usairdoll Says:

    Awesome giveaway! Love these colors. You have so many great patterns, it’s going to be between Kennington Kaleidoscope or Treasure Trove.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  655. usairdoll Says:

    I’m a follower via FB.

    Super giveaway!


  656. Pam Willey Says:

    Just found your page! I love Ring toss, Metro, Check out the Stars, Tilt a Whirl, Twister Sparkler and Starlight. I’d love to do your Elegance quilt. How’s that for picking one???

  657. Barbara Young Says:

    I love your Twilight Kaleidoscope pattern. Amazing use of color. Great pattern.

  658. de baker Says:

    this is great I I would love to do ring toss thanks

  659. Tammy Jo Halbig Says:

    They are all so beautiful it was hard to chose just one but I know I have to chose one so I would live Blossom Bliss if I win. It is gorgeous and I love the colors of the fabric you are giving away and think the pattern I picked out would look stunning in those fabrics. Thank you for this give away it would truly be a blessing from God if I win.

  660. Carol Laabs Says:

    My favorite is twilight kaleidoscope pattern. Thanks for giving us a chance for this giveaway.

  661. Vonda Says:

    I like them all, but I think I would have to choose charming turnovers.

  662. bookwerme Says:

    First time I have visited your blog and your website. Happy to find you. As an entry to your give-away, one pattern was just too hard to select, but I would enjoy any of these three: All for One, Treasure Trove or Twilight Kaleidoscope….so any would be a welcome surprise should my name be chosen. THANKS!

  663. Sylvia Says:

    What an impressive giveaway! After looking at all the patterns, I would choose QM117 Twilight Kaleidoscope if I were lucky enough to win this fabulous giveaway. Thank you for this opportunity.

  664. Cheryl Says:

    This is one of the best contests ever. I love all the pattern but check out the stars is the one I would choose,
    Thank you

  665. Melissa Miller Says:

    Liked you on IG.

  666. Melissa Miller Says:

    check out the stars

  667. Jean Says:

    Love both the color selection and great patterns!!!

  668. Teresa Jones Says:

    They are all so beautiful! I kept looking through them thinking “That one!” — “No! That one!” If I must choose one, I pick #122.

  669. Deb Wandler Says:

    I like all your patterns but I would like Metro. It has a modern feel to it and would be different than the craftsy class. I have that one in my wish list for next year.

  670. Nancy Cooley Says:

    I like Twilight Kalideidoscope

  671. Linda Says:

    I LOVE this fabric!!! I really like the Kaleidoscope Garden pattern. Thanks for the chance.

  672. Ann Flower Says:

    Spinning wheel spinners!

  673. Barb Schaffer Says:

    Very nice patterns – I especially like Keyboard Kaliedescope

  674. Nancy Childers Says:

    Trellis Garden would be my choice ! Thanks, for the chance to win. That would be my new years project….

  675. Kylie C Says:

    My favorite pattern is Celebration.

  676. Kylie C Says:

    I follow on Facebook.

  677. Becky Kendall Says:

    I love the Check out the Stars pattern. I find the Twisted series very interesting, also.

  678. nanbon Says:

    I always wanted to make a kaleidoscope quilt and your patterns are fantastic… I really like the Trellis Garden and I know it would be a perfect quilt to make for my mother in law, she loves it when I make her a quilt

  679. Karrie Says:

    i like kaleidoscope symphony pattern

  680. Karrie Says:

    i foloow on IG @karries3

  681. Janne Clinton Says:

    So many beautiful patterns! I like Charming Turnover Stars.

  682. Susan Solberg Says:

    I love your patterns! My absolute favorite is “Twister Illusions” – I may have to buy this pattern! If you haven’t already been there, Millie P’s in Anoka, MN is wonderful. They are rapidly growing, and I would strongly encourage you to see if they will sell some of your patterns. They are a really great quilt shop

  683. Susan Solberg Says:

    I am now following you on Facebook too

  684. Carol Sc Says:

    This is the first I have seen your patterns and so many appeal to me — it’s difficult to pick a favorite. Guess my choice is Starlight.

  685. Libby Says:

    Kaliedescope Garden for me, please !

  686. Joan Barton Says:

    Have to say Tilt-a Whirl, especially done in the black, red, and white!

  687. Equal Says:

    I love them all! Right now I’ll say Twilight Kaleidoscope. You do beautiful work!

  688. Karen Armstrrong Says:

    Kensington Kaliedescope is my favorite!

  689. Jeanmarie Nielsen Says:

    Catch Me…so many possibilities to create 3-D, refracted illusions!

  690. Vicki Steckbeck Says:

    I like the Candy Jar QM122 Pattern

  691. Susan Peterson Says:

    I really like Starlight

  692. Pam Schwebach Says:

    I love the Metro

  693. Kelly Randall Says:

    Beautiful patterns! I love Kensington Kaleidoscope. I just checked out your Facebook page as well.

  694. Cami Lindgren Says:

    I forgot to mention earlier I have started to follow you on Facebook. Thanks again for the chance and have a Wonderful Holiday.

  695. Hermina McNeill Says:

    Love the colors!

  696. MaryB Says:

    Petal Paradise gets my vote.

  697. Donna G Says:

    Tilt a whirl! Thanks!

  698. Melissa Says:

    I love Starlight! I’m a sucker for boms

  699. Melissa Says:

    I follow on fb

  700. Karen Harris Says:

    I find Changing Ways peaks my interest.

  701. Yavonne J VanSkike Says:

    I love the Check out the Stars!!

  702. Beth B Says:

    Hard to pick just one pattern, but I’ll choose All for One.

  703. Beth B Says:

    I like you on facebook.

  704. Jan Hvizdos Says:

    All of your patterns are beautiful and the material is a gorgeous combination of colors. I would love Petal Paradise.

  705. Judy Bullick Says:

    I love the Celebration with Stonehenge. I’m just getting back to quilting and this looks like a fun one to start with. Just waiting for the finishing on my new sewing rooms.

  706. Rachael V Says:

    I like the looks of lots of them, but Candy Jar stood out to me.

  707. Bml Says:

    Twister shimmer is a great pattern!

  708. Lane Hill House Says:

    My first visit. Thank you for the e-mail. QM125 Belle Kaleidoscope version II ~ so intricate. Interesting how this is done without fuzzy cutting. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  709. Lane Hill House Says:

    Liked you on Facebook ~ now over there to read your posts! Thanks, Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  710. Lane Hill House Says:

    Posted link on Twitter ~ Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  711. Lane Hill House Says:

    Shared link on my Facebook news page Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  712. Sheila Woodring Says:

    Check Out the Stars is my favorite, but I like many of your patterns. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  713. Martha Johnson Says:

    They are all beautiful, but I choose the Kaleidoscope Symphony. Thanks so much.

  714. Anna Hutchins Says:

    Twister Shimmer WOW Facebook and e-mail updates also like your Facebook page.

  715. Pat Hansen Says:

    I love blossom bliss.

  716. Renee G Says:

    Love the tilt- a – whirl pattern. It looks like so much fun.

  717. Sharie McCafferty Says:

    Charming Turnover Stars is my favorite!

  718. Catriona Says:

    I really like Changing Ways!

  719. Darrell Says:

    Boy oh Boy.. you could not make this an easy task.. I keep picking the one I wanted, then I would change my mine.. Can we list our top five favorites.. no (lol) .. well then I guess I will choose.. Entwined (QM129).

  720. gwen Says:

    I like the elegance pattern, it was so difficult to have to choose a single pattern, as your patterns are so great. I follow by email and facebook.

  721. nancysue Says:

    I Love love love….did I mention Love? the Starlight pattern. I would use the exact same color way as the blue winter tree. Spectacular!!!

  722. nancysue Says:

    I follow on instagram, which I have just recently discovered 🙂

  723. BreannaS Says:

    I like the tilt-a whirl pattern. lovely

  724. Marjorie Wolf Says:

    like you on FB — Entwined

  725. bev lovely Says:

    All of the patterns are beautiful, but my fav is the starlight pattern

  726. Holley Campbell Says:

    I am just beginning my quilting adventure which is a perfect match to my fabric addiction! Would love to win this bundle of beauty!

  727. Dorrie Says:

    As i am just beginning your pattern of Catch Me looks like something i could possibly handle. You have beautiful patterns! One day i hope to be half as (or a 1/4)as talented! It never ceases to amaze me how the different colors using the same pattern take on their own lives! Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  728. Leo Says:

    I have to admit for them colours I like twilight best, from the apttern I might go more for the Kensington Kaleidoscope … but that’s the great things about patterns you can do them in your own fabrics ..

  729. Mary Brookman Says:

    I love all of them but I think my favorite is Keyboard Kaleidoscope.

  730. Gayle Matloff Says:

    I love them all but I really love Among The Stars.

  731. Ann Tascone Says:

    I follow on facebook! And I love the Treasure Trove pattern…and several others!

  732. Norma C Says:

    This was really hard to choose one pattern. They are all gorgeous. I am choosing Tilt a Whirl. By the way, thats the name of one of my fav carnival rides as a kid
    Thanks for doing this give away.

  733. peg lamping Says:

    Spinning wheels

  734. Carmen N Says:

    Hard to choose but I think my favorite is QM118 Leading Ladies

  735. Jennifer Says:

    Hard choice because I liked them all. Would probably choose the Kensington Kaleidescope.

  736. Nicole Sender Says:

    Difficult to decide! Your patterns are awesome! I like Triple Twister!

  737. Nicole Sender Says:

    Bloglovin follower: Nicole Sender

  738. sangeetha Says:

    I love treasure trove

  739. Lou Ann LaJeunesse Says:

    My favorite is Twilight Kalidescope

  740. Kristen Says:

    I like your charm bracelet pattern.

  741. Tori Says:

    I love Charm Bracelets!

  742. Tori Says:

    I follow you via Feedly.

  743. Diane Steiger Says:

    You have fantastic quilt patterns. I really liked the “Check Out the Stars” but also ” Celebration”

  744. Diane Steiger Says:

    I follow your Blog

  745. Shelia Storey Says:

    Loved several of them but to pick one it would be the “Panel Twist”

  746. Rosemary Cumberland Says:

    Love them all, but Elegance is my favorite.

  747. kate maeda Says:

    It’s hard to choose a single pattern but I think it would be ribbon rings!

  748. Linda McGuire Says:

    Lots of pretty ones. I like Ribbon Rings.

  749. Dot Says:

    The pattern check out the stars is awesome!

  750. Kathy Cummings Says:

    I like All For One.
    Thank you.

  751. Pamela Isham Says:

    I love all of the twister ones, but my favorite is the twilight kaleidoscope quilt. This is a great giveaway with beautiful fabrics. I would love to win!

  752. DebV Says:

    I would take the Twister Illusions patterns.

  753. Elaine M. Says:

    I have always loved your Trellis Garden quilt!

  754. Sandra McKee Says:

    I’m a new quilter, having only one finished quilt and one or two potholder a under my belt, but I just want to say, I love your designs!
    I really hope I win, but if I dont, I know what is on my Christmas list!!
    Pattern choice: all for one or metro

  755. Ruth Rocker Says:

    I would love “Among the Stars”. Thanks for the giveaway.

  756. snowbaby katz Says:

    love your patterns and quilts and I am so ready to try something new.. And how could I possibly choose just one pattern ?? all are so lovely ~ thanks for the giveaway

  757. samstory Says:

    It’s an remarkable post in support of all the web people;
    they will obtain benefit from it I am sure.

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