Quilt Walk – Kaleidoscope Symphony BOM

Hi Fellow Quilters,

Have you heard of a Quilt Walk?  Neither had I until Sharon Huse of Old Alley Quilt Shop in Sherburn, MN invited me to come to their quilt walk in January.  This is an annual event they hold across the street at their community center to celebrate the completion of their block of the month.  People walk around and enjoy the quilts in their full glory displayed on the hardwood floor.   Here’s a photo of Sharon and me in the midst of all the beautiful quilts in the basement of the community center.

1a Sharon & Marilyn Quilt Walk

Old Alley Quilt Shop is owned by Sharon Huse and Becky Detert and yes, used to be the town’s bowling alley!  The shop celebrated it’s 10th anniversary this fall.

1 Old Alley Quilt Shop

I was delighted that they chose my Kaleidoscope Symphony book for their 2014 Block of the Month (BOM) project.  My friend Lou Ann Weflen came along with me to see the quilt walk.  She pieced the cover quilt shown below on the book so it was great we could enjoy this event together.


Sharon taught the BOM class at the shop and it was wonderful to see that over 30 people finished their quilt tops.  It was so fun to see the variety of fabrics used.  The idea behind the book is to make 9 different blocks with 4-patch kaleidoscope centers and then choose a quilt size that you wish.  Most of the ladies made the queen size quilts which includes 18 blocks (2 each of the 9 blocks) and some made throws.  Some ladies even made 2 quilts!  In most cases, the fabric used in the wide border is the fabric used for the block center kaleidoscopes.


Sharon took photos of all of the quilts for me (when my phone battery died!).

Warning, lots of quilt photos ahead:)!  Enjoy a virtual quilt walk…….

1b Quilt Walk Sherburn Jan 2015

1c Quilt Walk Sherburn Jan 2015

1d Sharon Huse Teacher Kaleidoscope Symphony

Sharon Huse’s quilts (teacher & shop owner)

1e Sharon Huse Closeup Queen Kaleidoscope Symphony

Close-up of Sharon Huse’s large quilt

1f QM501 Sharon Huse Wallhanging

Sharon’s throw

1g QM501 Sharon Huse Tabletopper

Sharon’s topper

2 Carole Rudig WIP Kaleidoscope Symphony

Carol Rudig’s work in progress.  Great to have an example of how the quilt goes together.

3a Barb Jones Kaleidoscope Symphony

Barb Jones

3b Barb Jones Closeup Kaleidoscope Symphony

Barb Jones close-up

4a Roxy Brummond Kaleidoscope Symphony

Roxy Brummond

4b Roxy Brummond Closeup Kaleidoscope Symphony

Roxy Brummond close-up

5a Barb Mager Kaleidoscope Symphony

Barb Mager

5b Barb Mager closeup Kaleidoscope Symphony

Barb Mager close-up

6 Kathy Miest Kaleidoscope Symphony

Kathy Miest

7 Jo Emery Kaleidoscope Symphony

Jo Emery

8 Connie Risty Kaleidoscope Symphony

Connie Risty

9a Nickole Bowie Kaleidoscope Symphony

Nickole Bowie

10 Barb Plumhoff Kaleidoscope Symphony

Barb Plumhoff

11 Pat Ruhnke Kaleidoscope Symphony

Pat Ruhnke

12 Janell Johnson Kaleidoscope Symphony

Janell Johnson 2 quilts

13 Jean Morris Kaleidoscope Symphony

Jean Morris

14 Terry Luetgers Kaleidoscope Symphony

Terry Luetgers 2 quilts

15 Dana Faber Kaleidoscope Symphony

Dana Faber

16 Lynn Barta Kaleidoscope Symphony

Lynn Barta

17 Karen Senne Kaleidoscope Symphony

Karen Senne

18 Leslie Walsh Kaleidoscope Symphony

Leslie Walsh

19 Nina Walter Kaleidoscope Symphony

Nina Walter

19b Nina Walter Closeup Kaleidoscope Symphony

Nina Walter close-up 2 quilts

20 Linell Jacobs Kaleidoscope Symphony

Linell Jacobs 2 quilts

21 Karla Kuipers Kaleidoscope Symphony

Karla Kuipers

22 Evelyn Lucht Kaleidoscope Symphony

Evelyn Lucht

23 Donna Kock Kaleidoscope Symphony

Donna Kock – her 1st completed quilt, congrats!

24 Shelley Busche Kaleidoscope Symphony

Shelley Busche

25 Kay Maclay Kaleidoscope Symphony

Kay Maclay

26 Darla Harries Kaleidoscope Symphony

Darla Harries

27 Carolyn Eigenberg Kaleidoscope Symphony

Carolyn Eigenberg 2 quilts

28 Esther Nelson Kaleidoscope Symphony

Esther Nelson

29 Jean Nelson Kaleidoscope Symphony

Jean Nelson

30 Belva Henrickson Kaleidoscope Symphony

Belva Henrickson

31 Carol Friesen Kaleidoscope Symphony

Carol Friesen

32 Debra Engman Kaleidoscope Symphony

Debra Engman

Hope you liked this virtual quilt walk!

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Sharon and the ladies who made the quilts, and of course had fun visiting the quilt shop afterwards.  Thank you Sharon for inviting me to attend!

Next post I’ll share some photos from the quilting cruise from which I just returned.  It was a fun cruise with almost 30 quilters making Kaleidoscope Symphony throw size quilts.

Enjoy all of your quilt moments!


Quilt Moments


2 Responses to “Quilt Walk – Kaleidoscope Symphony BOM”

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  2. Quilt Moments – Quilt Kit Giveaway & Guest on APQ Radio with Pat Sloan Says:

    […] pink version seems an appropriate colorway for the season of love…check out this previous blog post to see a fun quilt walk with many, many more examples of Kaleidoscope Symphony quilts made in […]

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