Quilt Kit Giveaway & Guest on APQ Radio with Pat Sloan

Hi fellow quilters!

Join me tomorrow, February 13, on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan.  Tune in at 3:00 p.m. Central Time (4:00 p.m. EST).  If you didn’t catch it live, that’s OK, it’s a podcast so you can listen to it anytime by getting the American Patchwork & Quilting Radio show podcast or clicking on this link in Pat’s blog to listen to the show.  I’m the 3rd guest so my 12 minute segment starts at 28:00 minutes into the program.


I’m so excited to be a guest on Pat’s show!  To mark the occasion and to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’m giving away a full/queen size kit of the Kaleidoscope Symphony quilt shown below.  This red & pink version seems an appropriate colorway for the season of love…check out this previous blog post to see a fun quilt walk with many, many more examples of Kaleidoscope Symphony quilts made in different fabrics.

Continue reading for more info and learn how to enter for a chance to win the quilt kit!


During the radio show / podcast, Pat & I will chat about how I started Quilt Moments and also talk about the company, Twister Sisters, which is the new home of the popular Twister tools.  Twister Sisters is co-owned by me and my friend Lisa Amundson of Around the Bobbin.

The Twister Planner is the first pattern that we created as Twister Sisters which is a handy guide that walks you through 15 different quilt sizes runner to queen so you can easily create any size scrappy twister quilt that you wish with the Lil’ Twister tool (for 5″ sqs), Midi Twister (for 6-1/2″ sqs) or the Twister (for 10″ sqs).  You can see the tools and many other twister patterns by Twister Sisters, Quilt Moments, and Around the Bobbin at Twister Sisters.


In October we introduced a new smaller size twister tool called the Mini Twister tool  which can be used with 2-1/2″ strips and 4-1/2″ sqs.  The fun feature of the Mini Twister size is that you can make 4-patches using four different 2-1/2″ strips and then twist so each pinwheel has four colors for the pinwheel points!  The Mini Twister tool includes the pattern for this fun table runner.  If you are careful with your cutting, you can make a potholder or coasters with the leftover pieces.


Here is the new Mini Twister Rings pattern by Quilt Moments.


OK, now for the big Kaleidoscope Quilt Kit giveaway!  For a chance to win the Kaleidoscope Symphony quilt kit shown at the top of the post, listen to the February 13 radio show, and leave a comment here on my blog giving some feedback about the show: something you learned or liked, or any comment about the program.  Comments will be accepted starting at 4:00 p.m. CST February 13 after the show through Wednesday, February 15 at midnight CSTThe winner is Sharon Butera!  Congratulations, the queen size quilt kit and Kaleidoscope Symphony book will soon be on the way to you.  Thank you to everyone for your nice comments.  I enjoyed being on Pat’s radio show.  If you didn’t get a chance to enter the giveaway, there will be more in the future.  Please follow the blog, so you’ll be notified when I do future posts, and you won’t miss any of our news and drawings!

And for everyone, I’m offering a discount on my Craftsy class called Quilted Kaleidoscopes which includes patterns for several runners and quilts, and covers the twister tool techniques and four-patch kaleidoscope techniques, plus lots of info on fabric selection and borders.  You can use this link to get 50% off the regular retail price of the class!  The coupon will appear once you add the class to your shopping cart and is good through May 14, 2017.


Until next time, please remember to enjoy all your quilt moments:)!


Quilt Moments


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62 Responses to “Quilt Kit Giveaway & Guest on APQ Radio with Pat Sloan”

  1. Caryl Says:

    Heard you and your sidekick speak at the MSQG meeting on Saturday Feb. 11. Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous and I plan to try your technique soon. Thank you.

  2. Monica Kostak Says:

    Awesome to have a twister ruler to go with the short cut fabrics-mini, charm, and layer. I have the mini and have made a heart mini quilt and a wreath this past Christmas. It’s a little work, a little waste, but the outcome from people that have seen my mini quilts was “WOW”….. 🙂 I’d like to make one for each season/holidays!

  3. Carolyn Says:

    I love the twisters! I have the twister tool in 3 sizes. I am working on my 7th project from candle mat to queen-sized quilt. 🙂

  4. Anne Says:

    Just got the Twister Planner and am so inspired to get out my Twister Tools and try something new!

  5. Annette Ackley Says:

    Great Podcast with Pat Sloan!!! Love the idea of having a mini twist ruler. I love the mini 2 1/2 inch squares. This would be great to see how it turns out using the mini twist ruler.

  6. Annette Ackley Says:

    Great Podcast with You and Pat Sloan. It would be interesting to use the mini twister with the mini charms. It is nice to see that you have different sizes of twisters. I’m gonna have to purchase a twister.

  7. Linda Phelps Says:

    After listening to you on Pat’s podcast, I am even more excited by the idea of a mini twister ruler. I have been making twisters since 2012. I purchased 3 books that October and got started. The most recent was a NU quilt for the Cornhuskers.

  8. Chris Says:

    I have made a lot of Twister quilts and of course I love all your patterns. I probably need to get the 2.5 in Twister tool.

  9. Dolores Clark Says:

    Heard you on pats sloans pod cast. I love your spin on the kaleidoscope and twist quilts combined. I’ve made a twist quilt just random blocks, I’ve also made a stack n wack, one block wonder with 6 identical triangles. So neat connect to mix them for many new looks. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Dolores

  10. Pat D Says:

    I have two Twisters and love the variations they provide. I have made wallhangings and tabletoppers. Would like to try the mini size. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Pamela Bunclark Says:

    I really enjoyed listening to you on Pat S. Podcast. I was excited to hear about the twister for the 2.5″ strips. Thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway.

  12. Joyce Quist Says:

    Nice to hear you again after Saturday’s Mixed Sampler program. Love your patterns using the Twister Tool and 4 patch posies!

  13. Brenda Says:

    I bought a kit with the mini twister tool included, making it nice to not have to look for the tool elsewhere. Have been a fan of pinwheels my entire quilting life!

  14. Sue Hauser Says:

    Great podcast! I’ve always loved your kaleidoscope quilts and the twister tools put a great “spin” (pun intended) on your work! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing. I LOVE the colors in the kit!

  15. Nancy Says:

    Loved the show. I hadn’t realized that the business had been sold and you were the new owner. Yes, I have one of the rulers! Such fun quilts they make. Thanks for sharing the great giveaway!

  16. Judy Norstrem Says:

    Great Podcast. Especially after seeing you at Mixed Sampler meeting. Your work is wonderful. Looking forward to trying the Twister ruller.

  17. Donna W Says:

    Love the idea of having a mini twister. Love your Kaleidoscope Symphony quilt is fabulous

  18. Caryl Laubach Says:

    Dang! Looks like I’m out of luck! Your email just came in–on 2/14–a day late. Too bad, I love the prize quilt! Would have enjoyed listening to the show.

  19. Quilt Moments Says:

    It’s not too late…I actually just sent the email today, but the show is a podcast so you can click on the link to hear the show anytime, it was just live yesterday.

  20. Loretta Clinton Says:

    Your Kaleidoscope quilt is beautiful, I think I like the blue best.

  21. Leann Stites Says:

    Love the twister patterns!

  22. Mary Ellen Says:

    Good to hear you again after meeting you last Saturday in Siren. The twister tool is wonderful! Thanks for a chance to win!

  23. Regina Magolski Says:

    Enjoyed Pat Sloan’s podcast and hearing about the twister rulers. Plan on getting one.

  24. Shari K. Says:

    I learned that you now have a Mini twister for use with 2.5″ squares.

  25. Pat Hale Says:

    I loved the show and have a much better appreciation for what can be done with the twister tool. I have one from using it for a row by row quilt but had no idea what else I could make! Thanks! Happy twisted quilting!

  26. Cheryl Haro Says:

    Love the twister and the quilt kit you plan to give away!

  27. Jenny Boettcher Says:

    Sewing squares together & using one of the twisted sister tools; to create easy pinwheel shapes; no more templates nor tracing; only fun! Also love the kaleidoscopes effect you get by using the twisted sister pattern.

  28. Suzi smith Says:

    Learned about the twister thru our quilt group. It gives us a new dimension for our quilts!

  29. Jeanine Judge Says:

    I purchased the twister tools at a quilt show and was so excited to use them. I have made cute lap quilts for my girls. Your quilts are gorgeous!
    Thank you for a chance to win such a work of art!

  30. Carleen Says:

    After the falter at the start – lol, your program was great. I will make sure not to have open windows when cutting the twisters out! I love all the twister sizes, and I have always loved kaleidoscope quilts, so really enjoyed the quilt walk at the old bowling alley. Thanks for all you’ve contributed to our world of quilting! Carleen

  31. Judy Vaesa Says:

    A little late here, the the pod cast was great and I love the Twisted Sister design, it surely wakes up the senses. Love it

  32. sharon butera Says:

    So excited to have you coming to our guild in April. I love what you’ve been working on and am eager to see how your ideas can be fitted to my developing style.
    Congratulations on your radio interview.

  33. Linda Dahl Says:

    Great podcast. Working on a tiny twister potholder now.

  34. Elisa Caminoto Says:

    Great podcast! May be I will try some twister!

  35. quilterka Says:

    Great information. I have two twister rulers. Always looking for more designs.

  36. Dorie Esquivel Says:

    Great podcast. I have the Twister ruler, but have never used it before. I think I ordered because they were on sale! It’s now on my list to try!

  37. Carol M Says:

    Interesting podcast. Have never tried the twister. Nice to hear they work well with precuts.I will have to give them a try.

  38. Naomi Nickels Says:

    I recently took a stack n wack class at aLQS and loved the kaleidoscope effect. Sounds like your twister rulers would be a new technique to try in making kaleidoscope quilts!! Great job on Pat’s show.

  39. Michele Says:

    Listened to the podcast while working on a baby quilt. I have a Lil’ Twister, but had not yet figured out what I wanted to do with it. I think a Quilted Kaleidoscope is right up my alley!

  40. Chris pochwat Says:

    I did not know much about these rulers or these pattern but now I think I might have to purchase one. Thanks. Chris p

  41. Liz LeSaicherre Says:

    I made one Twister quilt with 5″ squares. I’d like to try another size.

  42. Jude Edling Says:

    Years later I still love the Twister, especially the mini for quick, easy and impressive quilts.

  43. Robin Turner Says:

    I listened to Pat Sloan’s podcast today. I have a twister ruler, and the quilt is currently a UFO. This inspired me to pull it out to finish. Thanks!

  44. Sheila Rodriguez Says:

    I have never made a twister quilt before, but after listening to you on Pat’s show, I would love to give it a try. I have jelly rolls waiting!

  45. snowbaby katz Says:

    this was a great podcast and I have never done a twister quilt before but I sure am ready to try something new. I have plenty of pre-cuts and jelly rolls to try this. thanks so much, Great show.

  46. Vivian Hay Says:

    I have a twisted ruler I have used it and is easy to make wall hangings and quilts. Thanks for the give away

  47. Loriann Fish Says:

    I enjoyed learning about how you became involved with the Twister Tool.

  48. Diana Gates Says:

    This is great..I have the mini twister ruler…I have not used it yet..these examples are wonderful…thanks!

  49. Sheri Levesque Says:

    I enjoyed listening to you talk about kaleidoscope quilts.I am going to try this with the twister.Making miniatures is my favorite. I made a doll quilt with cheater cloth of two inch squares with the mini ruler.

  50. renee honeycutt Says:

    i am new to quilting so i am going to check more into the twister rulers you mentioned

  51. karen m. Franceschini Says:

    Loved the interview and am looking forward to the Quilted kaleidoscope class on etsy!

  52. Martha Buening Says:

    I have enjoyed using my mini twister ruler and can not wait to see more projects.

  53. Wemdy Says:

    It’s always nice to learn about tools that can make quilting easier. I have to get a twister for sure.

  54. Elaine M. Says:

    I never thought of using the twister rulers with the kaleidoscope patterns together. What a great idea! I can’t wait to try it out.

  55. Mindy wolfe Says:

    I have the twists ruler but haven’t used it yet.

  56. Pam Says:

    Great podcast! I have made two wall hangings with the twister ruler. Thanks for the chance to win!

  57. Nicole Sender Says:

    Pat Sloan is always so inspiring! Always fun to listen & learn from her! I’d like to try your twister ruler technique. I need less frustration. Such great quilts.

  58. Deanne Says:

    Another quilt on my bucket list!

  59. Janet T Says:

    I chuckled when I heard you bought the company after using the ruler. Quite a testimony for the product!

  60. Janice Capps Says:

    Love the twister patterns.

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